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Technology is a vast industry that is ever-changing. If you’re working in tech, you either move with the trends or lag behind. To move with the pack, you need to listen to the right tech leader.

Most influencers in IT engage their audiences on social media platforms. These leaders share their opinions on technology trends, environment, politics, investment ideas, and many other topics. With so many top leaders in the tech industry, it’s easy to get confused about who to follow. 

So, who are the top leaders in the tech industry worth following and why? Here is a compilation of the top 5 high tech industry leaders in the world.

Elon Musk – CEO Tesla and SpaceX

Elon Musk - Top Leaders in the Tech Industry to Follow

Elon Reeve Musk is the founder of Tesla, SpaceX, Neutralink, Zip2, and The Boring Company.

Elon has revolutionized the transport industry with his invention of solar-powered vehicles, electric ones, and space travel. Elon is worth following if you’re interested in learning about EVs. This is because it is estimated that electric car usage will increase from 5,000 vehicles currently to more than 4 million by 2030. 

His Twitter account has 77 million followers. If you want to understand the thoughts as a tech leader, Elon is definitely one to follow. 

Reed Hastings – CEO Netflix

Reed Hastings - Top Leaders in the Tech Industry to Follow

Reed Hastings is the brain behind Netflix, a subscription-based streaming service, and has changed the way people consume content. 

Reed started the company as a DVD subscription service before changing it into a streaming one in 2007. The company serves over 183 million users worldwide. 

Hastings began his career in IT at a company called Adaptive Technology. As a worker, he created a tool to debug software. He later left Adaptive technology to start his company and named it Pure Software and created many software troubleshooting tools.

Pure Software faced a lot of challenges, especially with management. Reed admits that he was a technician but lacked managerial skills. To remedy this, the company merged with Atria which gave way to the creation of Pure Atria. 

By the time Reed Hastings left his first company, he admitted making mistakes, however, he also valued the lessons he learned from them. His strong conviction to learn from previous mishaps has led to the excellent trend of Netflix since 1997. 

He is an active Twitter user with a huge following. He mainly tweets about the latest movie series, updates, and scholarship funds the company offers to various groups. 

If you’re into video content creation or the development of video applications, Reed Hastings is a must-follow tech leader for you. 

Mark Zuckerberg – CEO, Meta

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Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook at the young age of 19 while studying at Harvard. Facebook was a solution to help students match their peers’ names with photos. He continued improving the app until it was ready for public use in 2012.

Mark acquired the ownership of Instagram which is a photo and video application that attracts many internet users. He also owns WhatsApp, a platform that helps people send messages, photos, and videos with end-to-end encryption. 

There is no better place to follow Mark than his platform, Facebook. Mark talks about different topics, but, recently, is almost always sharing AI and updates likely to occur on Meta. This remarkable tech leader also shares his personal stories and random ideas to help upcoming professionals.

Zuckerberg and his wife Chan have a dream to help the world fight all types of chronic diseases by the year 2100. They contribute towards this course by funding disease research institutes. 

Jeff Bezos 

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Jeff is a remarkable global tech leader. He started Amazon 30 years ago as a platform primarily as an online space to sell books. The online book-selling platform blossomed into the Amazon we all know. Under the leadership of Bezos, Amazon has also branched out into other services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

On his Twitter handle, Jeff mainly talks about his journey, charity events, and conservation of the environment. He is enthusiastic about space and believes that the population on earth has increased to the point where it’s now necessary to occupy other planets. 

Jeff Bezos is an IT leader worth following if you want to learn about e-commerce cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and space technology.  

Tim Cook – CEO Apple 

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We cannot complete a list of tech influencers to follow without including Tim Cook. He took over as CEO of Apple Inc. after the death of Steve Jobs. He is well known for his strong opinions about cybersecurity, international and domestic surveillance, and the environment. 

Tim also serves on the board of directors of Nike. inc and is a trustee of Duke University. His leadership style is unique and he believes that if other leaders prioritized people, strategy, and execution, the world would be a better place. 

Despite being a tech leader of one of the best Fortune 500 companies, Tim works very hard. He sends out emails at 4:30 AM and occasionally calls his employees on Sundays to plan out the week ahead. 

He engages his followers on Twitter by sharing his personal experiences. Tim also gives updates on his company’s latest innovations. 

Do you want to pick the brain of a Fortune 500 Company CEO? Go ahead and Follow Tim Cook on Twitter. 

Wrap Up! 

It’s important to follow technology influencers so that you can keep up with industry trends. With so many tech gurus, it’s important to sift through the most influential. This guide gives you an idea of some of the top tech leaders you need to follow. 

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