We Believe That Technology Can Thrive When Humanity Plays A Role In Its Success

We are a search and staffing agency that specializes in placing contract and full-time IT professionals at top-tier technology departments and organizations around the country. We have over 20+ years of technology experience and an extensive pool of highly-skilled individuals ready to fulfill the unique staffing needs of our clients.

What makes us different?

At Eleven Recruiting, we understand that every business is unique and deserves its own highly-customized strategy.

We believe in the human beings behind the technological expertise and we make it our mission to not only refine their skills, but make them better candidates for your job, your project, your business and its culture.

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The Results

We place the right person, at the right company, at the right moment, in the role they were meant to fulfill.

Experienced and talented candidates who have been vetted through our 33-step process.

Timely and efficient fulfillment cycles (from 3 to under 90 days).

A 100% client retention rate once a placement has been made.

The Three Pillars of Success


We are committed to educating, inspiring, mentoring and sharpening the professional skills of our candidates to create well-rounded employees for the tech industry. This ensures that they are prepared and confident to succeed in the technological roles they seek. Our investment in their careers produces positive results for our clients.


We place qualified individuals in technology positions – this is our business. However, we firmly believe in the individual behind the tech expertise. We believe that well-rounded human beings who can adapt to various business cultures can improve the lives and jobs of our clients.


Our specialization is technology, and the community is who we serve. This includes our clients, our candidates, and the young people aspiring to enter the technology field. We believe in the power of education and that the future of IT lies in some of the most unexpected places – starting with underserved communities. Through our association with LA dotNet Developers User Group and the Torch Foundation, we are beginning to make a positive difference for the people around us.

Giving Back

At Eleven Recruiting, we strive to bring a higher level of humanity to the world of technology. Giving back is particularly important to us, that is why we donate 11% of profits to educational charities.