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In today’s competitive tech industry market, getting jobs in IT can be not easy without working with a recruiter, more so, trying to network in the industry. For this reason, finding a good technical recruiter or IT recruitment agency can get you in front of the people you want to network with and even the entry-level tech jobs you might otherwise never discover. But how do you find the right technical recruiter for your job hunt? Read on to find out!

Why is finding the right recruiter important?

Finding the ideal technical recruiter is essential as a job seeker since they can help you access entry-level tech jobs and roles that match your skills and career goals. Usually, a recruiter will have a network of industry connections, knowledge of current jobs in IT, and valuable guidance and support throughout the job search process that you may not have access to otherwise. 

As an organization, adding a recruiter to your hiring team is vital because they can help you identify and attract top talent in your industry who fits your company’s needs and culture. Working with the right recruiter can also save you time and resources by streamlining the hiring process and ensuring you make the best hiring decisions for your team.

5 Tips on Finding The Right Technical Recruiter – the candidate’s view

Use the following tips as a job seeker to find  IT recruitment agencies, or a technical recruiter, that will be most qualified to assist in your job search

1. Know what your needs are

Finding a technical recruiter that is best for you will depend on your needs. So, It’s important to know what you’re looking for in terms of the kind of job you’re looking for, the industry you want to work in, the company you would love to work at, and the location where you want to work before you start searching for a recruiter. You should also consider your experience level, skills, and career goals because it’ll help you identify recruiters specializing in your industry and have experience placing candidates with similar career and skill backgrounds like yours. 

2. Research your potential recruiter

Once you clearly understand your needs, you move forward to researching the IT recruitment agencies or a Technical Recruiter that fits your needs. Some things to look out for during your research should be their past testimonials, their credentials (certifications in recruiting or industry association), and if they have an extensive network of human resources professionals credentials.

3. Use professional online directories

You can use professional platforms like LinkedIn to check if they have an extensive network of connections in your interested industry if they advertise roles that are similar to your needs and if they have been endorsed or recommended by people at companies you want to work for or by people you know and trust. The more network your technical recruiter knows in your specific industry, the more suitable opportunities and an excellent network to bring to you and explore with you.

4. Ask for referrals

Another way to find the right technical recruiter is to contact friends, family, colleagues, industry association groups, your professional network, or someone recently placed in a job to ask for referrals. They can recommend a technical recruiter or any IT recruitment agency based on your needs, who specializes in your industry, has a good track record, has a good quality of service, and, of course, has a good reputation. 

5. Trust your Instincts

Although certifications, references, and testimonials are good tools to accredit a recruiter, they still don’t replace chemistry. If you feel uncomfortable with the recruiter’s personality, communication style, level of responsiveness and transparency, and even more, you think you can’t trust them and their reputation in the industry; it’s best to go back to researching. The best recruiters will spend their time and effort to build a lasting network of client employers to find suitable opportunities for you. They’ll also work tirelessly to understand your professional history, career aspirations, and goals so they can offer personalized and more practical advice throughout your search process.

Tips on Finding The Right Technical Recruiter – the company’s view

As a company, you should be on the lookout for IT recruitment agencies or a technical recruiter that is an expert in the industry you operate in, have an informed perspective about the nuances of the industry and the needs of your organization as well as the job positions you’re trying to fill. Also, look out for specialized technical recruiters or IT recruiting agencies with a successful track record with companies, testimonials from clients, and a portfolio of their previous work that matches or is similar to your company’s need and your company’s hiring requirements that prove their expertise.

These potential IT recruitment agencies or technical recruiters should also ascertain that they have an existing database of passive and active job seekers willing to change roles if an ideal job opening comes knocking at their door. In addition, any technical recruiter you may want to hire must have a sense of commitment and dedication towards your organization, as they must show a willingness and effort to invest time to get to know you, your expansion timeline, growth criteria, and unique hiring requirements.

We understand that finding the right candidate that fits your company’s needs can be daunting. This is what eleven recruiting specialize in. finding the right job fit for specialized talent.

To Sum Up

Finding the right technical recruiter increases your odds of getting a job or the right candidate to fill your position since they have insights into what the hiring company is looking for and what the industry market is saying. However, in finding the right recruiter, It’s important to understand your needs, do the necessary research, read reviews, and ask for referrals. Trusting your guts can also be an essential factor, but be sure to balance your gut feeling with a rational evaluation of the potential technical recruiter’s qualifications, reputation, and track record of success in placing candidates in the right roles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are headhunters the same as recruiters?

The difference between a recruiter and a headhunter is the way they work. Headhunters are a type of recruiter, but they typically are more targeted and strategic, focusing on more specialized, high-level candidates and high-level positions or executive jobs in IT. Headhunters may also proactively search for and reach out to the “passive” candidates who are not actively seeking job opportunities but are most qualified for the role and then give the candidate to the hiring manager to continue the hiring process. Whereas a technical recruiter will advertise job vacancies, use their networks to attract candidates who are actively on the market and then shortlist candidates for the hiring process.  

Are hiring managers the same as recruiters?

Hiring managers and recruiters are different, although a recruiter can often work with a company’s recruiting team. A technical recruiter acts as a company’s first point of contact as they focus on sourcing and screening candidates. On the other hand, hiring managers rarely reach out to candidates during the sourcing and screening of candidates as they are solely responsible for making final hiring decisions and supervising and managing the new employee’s role within the company.

How do I follow up with a technical recruiter?

More professionally, sending an email tends to be the preferred method of contact for any recruiters or IT recruitment agencies (if you’re reaching out for the first time), and a well-edited and polite follow-up email can set you up for success. If you’re looking to follow up via social media, LinkedIn is your second-best follow-up option since it’s a professional platform, and most recruiters do not want to hear from you by text unless it is an emergency or if you are unable to attend an interview scheduled to start within the next 12 hours. 

What should I look for when choosing a technical recruiter?

When choosing IT recruitment agencies or a technical recruiter, look for someone with experience in the IT industry or field, as they will have a better understanding of the job market, information about the latest jobs in IT and can provide more relevant advice. Choosing a responsive and communicative recruiter is also essential, as you will want to stay informed throughout the job search process. 

How is a technical recruiter interview different from a regular interview?

An interview with IT recruitment agencies or a recruiter is the first conversation a job candidate will have with a potential employer, which often focuses on assessing the candidate’s qualifications, salary requirements, and availability for the job, and can last for about 20 – 30 minutes. In this kind of interview,

A technical recruiter can also share more information about the job and the organization’s value, needs and culture for the job candidate to learn more about the job opportunity and expectations to help the candidate make an informed decision about the position. More often than not, in a recruiter interview, it’s unusual for them to ask behavioral questions, unlike in the regular interview which is followed up by the hiring manager themselves. 

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