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Feb 3rd, 2023 – Eleven Recruiting and Consulting Services, LLC has placed a candidate as a Software Developer for a Financial Planner in Beverly Hills, at an LA-based Investment Group.

The recruitment assignment was solely completed by Sarah Wilson, Senior Search Executive, Eleven Recruiting. This candidate was selected for their extensive experience in investment and banking software and in data management and data validation. 

Candidate Background and Placement

The candidate has over 10 years of programming experience with consistently increasing responsibilities in the design and development of commercial applications. They also have hands-on experience in technical team leader roles and engineering management.

This was proven by the Implementation of multiple staging data processing, including batching, ETL, cleaning, verification, and certification. They also developed ETL services using Informatica, SSIS, AWS Glue, and custom solutions. 

They have served in various leadership roles in national and global technical teams, such as Capital Group Companies and Luxoft. They joined the company shortly after serving in Bitso in 2022.

Investment Group Organizational Needs

In 2006, the LA-based investment group commenced operations by offering financial planning, portfolio management, fiduciary, and investment advisory services. It was built as an innovative analytics and investment firm with a deep commitment to delivering superb client experience and consistent performance.  

Organizationally, the company was looking for a candidate who would collaborate directly with Senior Data Scientists and the Engineering team to implement internally facing tools and processes to support various investment strategies. 

Skills sought out by the investment group for the role: experience in data management and data validation, C#/.Net development, and/or Python. As well as the ability to develop and maintain tools to support core asset trading and portfolio analysis processes.

The LA-based investment group has a team of Fund Advisers that serve clients in the United States with a globally diversified investment approach. It’s driven by sophisticated financial mathematics, deep data science, and a technology platform that is designed to limit the inefficiencies of today’s money management. 

Presently, the company optimizes portfolio design by tracking over 120,000 publicly traded securities around the world.

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