Senior SQL/SSIS Developer


April 28th, 2022 – Eleven Recruiting and Consulting Services, LLC has placed a candidate as Senior Network Administrator at an independent investment bank in Los Angeles, California. 

The recruitment assignment was led by Michael Chiang, CEO, and Josue Louis, Lead Technical Recruiter. The candidate chosen has worked as a team lead and developer in previous complex projects. 

Candidate Background and Placement

The candidate selected for the position has over 12 years of administration and development experience in database design and development in SQL Server 2019 / 2017 / 2014 systems in OLTP and OLAP environments. This was proven by the design, development, and enforcement of new EDI procedures (65C Plus, 835 and 837 Transactions, ICD 10).

The candidate administered an interface to organize reports and data sources for execution and delivery while tracking reporting history using SSRS. They also worked as team leads and developers in creating complex stored procedures, triggers, and functions.

They have served in several leadership roles in national and global technical teams, such as Hawaii Medical Service Association and AT&T. They joined the company after serving in Cast & Crew LLC Burbank since 2014.

Investment Bank Organizational Needs

The LA-based investment bank is a global company that predominantly represents clients in finance, M&A, private equity, and litigation. The firm specializes in white-collar and government disputes, energy, infrastructure, and intellectual property. 

Organizationally, the investment bank was looking for a candidate who would support projects including designing, building, and maintaining metadata models and complex ETL packages.

The key skills required for this role: extensive experience and knowledge in SSH, GPG, SFTP protocols, and tools, as well as data integration using Excel or CSV files–Oracle OIC experience, is a significant plus.

The investment bank has been in business for 50 years. The global team is committed to creating stronger local communities through a culture of socially responsible actions: diversity, equity, and Inclusion; charitable giving; and environment. 

Recruiting Services

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Eleven Recruiting Places Systems Analyst for an LA Based Investment BankEleven Recruiting Places Systems Analyst for an LA Based Investment Bank
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