Information Technology Project Management Position


Managing projects and keeping a team happy is a challenge in any industry you’re in. But if you’re looking for promising work and are interested in all things tech, starting with entry level project management jobs in Information technology can be a great way to jumpstart your career. With the right skills, you’d find yourself in the middle of burgeoning opportunities within the tech industry. 

Project Management

Project management deals with the planning, management and execution of a company’s goals and objectives. The scope of the job can vary greatly. You might be managing an internal project or working towards building a large SaaS system. Your ability to control the quality of output in a timely manner should be non-negotiable in this field. 

Regardless of the industry, project managers have the same goal – list the objectives of the project at hand and give a timeline for completion along with the team tasked for the job.

New to Information Technology?

Getting into the IT industry can seem daunting especially if you’re faced with technical words. But here’s the good news, as an Information Technology Project Manager, you don’t need to get too technically in-depth.

With most project management positions, the main function of the job is to oversee everything that happens in a specific project. The most crucial part is to keep everything within the schedule. 

Of course, having IT skills can help you land entry level project management jobs in the tech field, but what most companies are looking for is your management skills and experience. That said, having a background in managing a team, leading projects and their outcomes, and impacts you’ve made in the process, are key components to help you get the job.

Duties and Responsibilities

Project management in the tech industry is more administrative than it is technical. Entry level project management jobs often have the same basic duties and responsibilities which include coordinating output schedule, task delegation, and reporting the project’s status to the stake holder.

A Day in the Life of an Information Technology Project Manager

Information Technology Project Management Position

Most IT project managers would start the day by checking the progress of the whole project. Project based activities usually come on a fixed schedule so some companies would have 9 -5 shifts depending on the project. 

Gather Information

The first question on their plate is to ask where the project is in reference to the timeline given by the client or the company. Once the project’s progress is pinpointed, the IT project manager then collects information on what deliverables can be accomplished for that day and sets due dates for other accomplishments. 

Realigning with the client

On regular days, the Information Technology Project Manager would go on their merry way to help their team with processes and requirements. However, on some occasions, they would have to report to the client or company on the status of the project.

In this meeting, the project manager would have to report accomplished milestones, requirements needed from the client, the next steps the team would take, and realign the timeline if needed. Modern companies may prefer emails to meetings.

Internal meetings

Because the project manager handles a team of IT professionals, it’s important to keep the whole team in the loop of the project’s progress. This is to recalibrate the whole team and give them a sense of urgency with deliverables. Normally, this happens once a week or, in some companies, every day.

Lead Generation

Don’t worry, no cold calls are necessary for an Information Technology Project Manager. What they do is discuss how the services of the company help the clients with their current problems and show them different opportunities.

They are also responsible in guaranteeing that potential clients sign off on deals with the company. This is mainly the job of an account manager but for small companies, the IT project manager can do this function in their free time.

Skills for Information Technology Entry Level Project Management Jobs

  • Communication skills
  • Organizational Skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Planning
  • Leadership Skills
  • Time Management
  • Project Management

Average Salary of a Project Manager in the IT industry

An IT project manager working in Los Angeles would have a salary of $70,000.00 to $157,000.00 per annum. The average gross income for the said position is about $104,740.00 according to Glassdoor as of December 2021

For entry level project management jobs in Los Angeles, the average salary is around $84,765.00 with a bonus of around $13,500.00 depending on the company and 401(k) benefits. According to Indeed, December 2021

How to get an IT Project Management Position

Entry level project management jobs are not easy to find. There is a gap in the market for these jobs and most of the time, employers will want someone who has some experience in the tech industry. However, this isn’t always the case.

To get into the IT industry through entry level project management jobs, you would have to show previous organizational experiences. For experienced professionals, this could mean your experience as a coordinator, team lead, or an assistant. For fresh grads, experience in organizing or leading a team in your campus organization does the trick.

If you’re coming from a different industry, getting in might be easier than you think. Aside from being organized, you must also know how to communicate, plan, and lead a team. All of which can be learned from previous jobs or internships that are not necessarily related to IT.

What you Need to Prepare

Unlike technical jobs, most project management jobs don’t require you to submit a portfolio. However, it would still be best to prepare one to help you explain how you’ve applied and developed your management skills.

You could optimize resume to briefly highlight your organizational, management, and leadership skills to show how it might impact project flow, and the result of each project. You might be asked some technical questions about the operations, so it’s good to prepare for the interview by doing some research on the services of the company and learning the basic terms used in the industry.

Finding the right project management position can be grueling, but it doesn’t have to be. Head over to Eleven Recruiting’s candidate services page to ease the process in finding the best position relative to your skills, experience, and more importantly, interests. 

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