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If you’ve always been interested in the entertainment world – but looking for a career with infinite financial security- you might want to choose an IT in the entertainment industry. 

When we talk about the entertainment industry, IT might not be the first thing to come to mind. The glamour of entertainment might be more top of mind. But now more than ever, information technology shapes the values and type of content that consumers and audiences all around the world rely on.

The application of IT in entertainment has been a game changer. Thanks to a growing pool of global talent and remote teams, the industry is able to expand at an even more rapid rate than before.

What is IT in the Entertainment Industry? 

To put it simply, it is how information technology helps facilitate the entertainment sector. Producing content in movies, TV shows, and other media takes a lot of time and effort. IT in the entertainment industry reduces the workload while also giving it something magical. 

We might not think about the people in tech that make modern entertainment possible, but they are truly irreplaceable. As an IT in the entertainment industry, you can expect some travel and relatively long hours depending on the project. Skills matter a lot in the entertainment industry but it won’t hurt to have extra credentials like a degree to help you land a job.

Some IT professionals in the entertainment industry are:

  1. Production – In the entertainment industry, people in production usually include producers, managers, operations, and the like. IT production specifically manages tasks related to technology and devices such as ensuring internet access on set, computer maintenance, and even audio quality.
  2. Post production – Post production can include a variety of roles like editors, touch up artists and colorists, special effects artists and engineers, sound designers, etc. Post production is a complete process that is vital to ensure the resources and time spent can be justified by the production companies.
  3. Sound engineers – Sound engineers are the people that make sure that the sounds and music you hear are crisp and absolutely amazing. These engineers use tools and software to ensure that the sounds being recorded are up to par.
  4. Video editors – Video editors are the people who are responsible for converting raw footage into a masterpiece. They specialize in using editing tools like Adobe Premiere Pro or DaVinci Resolve Studio to go through unedited footage and piece together a complete project.

Having a solid IT or tech team that gels together can help production companies optimize their technical practice while streamlining the creative process.

Why is Information Technology Important in Entertainment?

Information technology plays an incredible role in entertainment because without it we won’t have the same entertainment experience. Think about it. All the cool movie magic is made possible by green screens and powerful machines that project stunning effects and sceneries. Thanks to IT, the sky’s the limit for creative expression.

Information Technology is poised to grow and become a more core component than an auxiliary branch. Businesses and production companies are starting to realize the importance of technology by hiring the right individuals and making significant investments in infrastructure.

More importantly, IT in the entertainment industry is also changing the way end consumers can be a part of the system. Patreon and other platforms that directly connect content creators and entertainers with their fans are revolutionizing how people connect and how content is growing.

Is your company competitive enough? Include top IT talent in your company.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of IT in entertainment?

From special effects to better editing tools, stunning presentations to new ways of consuming content, information technology is changing the world and the entertainment industry along with it.

But moving beyond the special effects, recent innovations in software and tools has changed the way people can start  their career in entertainment. Hiring managers are able to get talent from all over the world. With minimal investment, even a small team can come up with amazing content and become a hit.

How has technology affected the entertainment industry?

Technology has helped shape the entertainment industry into what it is today. Advancements in camera equipment, lighting, software, etc. has allowed the industry as a whole to keep up with other fields.

Netflix is arguably the most visible example of how IT in the entertainment industry has affected consumers. The fundamental shift from television and movie theaters to on-demand and on-hand content has taken the entertainment industry by storm.

Other technological advancements that may not benefit the industry directly, will still have an impact on the entertainment ecosystem. Technology will continue to improve, but its effects and impact take a little time to reflect across industries.

How is computer science used in entertainment?

Computer Science is used in the entertainment industry to improve processes and to reduce costs. New algorithms and computing techniques can make existing tools and applications more efficient. 

Just think about when the Terminator 2 came out years ago, the computing power required to generate those effects was staggering for the time. These days, you can do something similar, albeit not as refined, on a decent MacBook. Computer science helped to first develop CGI and then made the technology available first to commercial users and then to the masses.

How to Become a Part of the Entertainment Industry through IT

The glamour and monetary benefits that come with being in the entertainment industry are incredible motivators. But becoming a part of the entertainment industry is a bit challenging. Not knowing anyone and being a minority can already severely limit your options.

Luckily, since information technology is in incredible demand, there is no shortage of jobs for IT in the entertainment industry. As the pandemic subsides and production studios go back at full throttle, you can expect several opportunities ready for you to take.

Here are some ways that you can become a part of the entertainment industry through IT:

 IT in Entertainment Industry (In Body)


Knowing someone in the industry is a great way to get your foot into the door. The entertainment business is famous for being incredibly competitive. You should avail any advantage that you can to propel yourself forward.

Since skilled professionals will be preferred in entertainment technology, it might work in your favor to have someone with good standing recommend you.. Do not expect a full time job immediately. You will have to spend some time in the industry and grow your network before you can get a lucrative position.

Showcase your skills online.

Thanks to social media, digital creators have been able to grow their followings rapidly. They no longer rely on a production company to sign them to reach a larger audience.

Now things have changed quite a bit. Larger companies are approaching these creators to partner with them and bring their audience to the new project.

In terms of IT, you can show your expertise by participating in different competitions, solving problems that people face in the industry, and growing your network online.

Hire the right recruiter.

The entertainment industry is one of the most competitive industries out there. To become a part of this seemingly exclusive industry, you will need the right connections. 

By taking help from a talented recruiting company like Eleven Recruiting, you will have access to the sort of connections that only a professional recruiter can have. You will end up saving time and can quickly get into a technical role in the entertainment industry.


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