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From Sheryl Sandberg (Chief Operation Officer (COO) of Facebook) to Kimberly Bryant (CEO of Black Girls Code), women in tech jobs are paving ways for the future of the industry. Yet, the gender gap is still evident as the percentage of women in the tech industry are still underrepresented.

In the past few years, the percentage of women in the United States labor force has increased to 47%. But If we look at the actual tech job, research shows that women only hold 26.7% of tech-related positions, as they take up fewer than 1 in 4 technical roles. Although this barrier proves to be a challenge, it’s also an opportunity for women to consider diving into tech. This article is here to help you as we list down the top 11 IT positions for women in the tech industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some ways to support women in IT?

Supporting women in tech starts from the organizational culture. Establishing a work environment that’s inclusive and diverse helps encourage women to stay in tech jobs. Also, creating more learning opportunities helps close skill and gender gaps. Support can also be accomplished when you offer more positions in the tech industry to hire women into leadership roles with flexible schedules.

What are the benefits of going into tech as a woman?

Most tech organizations include agile working into their work system, which allows for flexibility, so you don’t have to deal with the 9 to 5 desk job. Also, a tech career as a woman helps you to build a suitable work-life routine that helps you with productivity. Many tech firms tend to offer excellent pay for women in tech. Women in IT also enjoy the benefit of having a community that supports and respects them while giving access to endless professional and personal growth opportunities.

What experience and skills do I need for a tech career?

A bachelor’s degree in any computer, management, or IT-related field, with relevant certification courses in the tech field is a good start. You also need to work on soft skills like communication, attention to detail, problem-solving, time management, leadership, and collaboration. While doing this, make sure to have working knowledge on technical skills relating to security, data, programming, and user experience because these are the core roles in tech. 

11 IT Positions for Women in Technology

As a woman getting started in tech or looking towards a career change into IT, here are some IT positions for women that might fit you well.

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Business Analyst

some IT positions for women have flexible work schedule, a fast-paced career, with opportunities for career growth and networking. A business analyst helps businesses gather and analyze relevant data and design and implement tech solutions. To succeed in this role, you need to have excellent communication skills, an adaptable attitude, and an openness to problem-solving. You should also have robust knowledge in the IT industry and take certification courses to help you have greater standing. On average, the salary pay is $75,249 per year with a $3,800 cash bonus (depending on your location and skills). 

Project Manager

Other IT positions for women are perfect choice for women starting their tech career. Your role as a project manager is to work with key stakeholders to create, execute and monitor a project plan to achieve the outlined business goals while remaining on time and within budget. For this role, you’ll need to have excellent communication, planning, attention to detail, problem-solving, and time management skills, and a degree in any management-related field. Taking part in internships and certifications courses will boost your credentials, so expect the average salary of $74,962 per year with a $15,000 cash bonus per year(depending on your qualifications, location, and skills). 

UI/UX Designer

Some IT positions for women just fits in naturally. If you have a thing for aesthetics and you’re curious about how things work, then you’ll rock as a UI/UX designer. The core responsibility of a UI/UX designer is to plan, design, monitor, and implement the looks and features of a website to ensure a brilliant and beautiful user experience and interfaces while providing effective solutions that solve the problem.

For this role, you don’t necessarily need to have an educational background in any computer-related field, but take certification courses and work on projects to build your work portfolio while developing your skills in effective communication, collaboration, and attention to detail. The average salary for a UI/UX designer is $75k a year, and for entry-level, you can start making about $65k per year.

Technical Writer

As a technical writer, you’re in charge of doing the topic research, creating content and user manuals to break down complex tech information into simple form for non-techies. You also explain the functionality of a product or service so they get an in-depth understanding of the material. One vital benefit of working in this role is the flexibility it offers as you can work from anywhere – but you have to be timely with your submissions. To succeed in this role, you need to be an effective communicator (both verbally and orally), have great active listening skills, and be comfortable working with tight deadlines. Any degree can get you into the office of a tech writer, you only need to have up-to-date knowledge of tech trends. Generally, the average salary per hour is $34 depending on your location, experience, and tech aspect.

Data Analyst

As a data analyst, you’re working with numbers and figures, so your leadership, analytics, and problem-solving skills should be top-notch. Data-analysts help mine, analyze, and interpret data to present workable business solutions. You’ll need working knowledge of technical skills such as SQL, R, or Python, as well as spreadsheet tools such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, and data visualization software such as Tableau or Qlik. 

This technical role requires an undergraduate degree (for an entry-level job) in any computer-related course, with certifications that show your level of expertise. Expect an average salary of $65,496 per year, depending on the company, your location, and your level of experience. 

Cloud Network Architect

This IT professional specializes in planning, developing, and maintaining cloud network programs, strategy, and software solutions for hybrid, public and private infrastructures. To succeed in this role, you should have at least a bachelor’s degree in information systems, network engineering, computer science, or any other computer-related field. Many employers also look for certification courses on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. Aside from this, a vast understanding of operating systems like Linus and networking concepts like TCP/IP, IP addresses, HTTP, and DNS will pave more ways for you. Additionally, it helps to have good communication, problem-solving, time management, and collaborative skills. The average cloud architect salary is about $124,923 per year and $50.57 per hour with a bonus of $4k-$26k. 

Information Security Analyst

As another field women in tech jobs are excelling in is data security, you’re required to analyze, safeguard IT data from potential threats, and prevent cyber-attacks. As an information security analyst, you must have experience with security systems, you must know how to communicate and adopt security policies and security procedures. As women are very detail oriented, this is a great choice when looking for IT positions for women.

You’ll need at least a bachelor’s in IT or any computer-related field alongside courses in online booting and Cybersecurity. Skills in managing security audits, threats, and vulnerabilities are also necessary, and the average pay is $82,736 per year with a $5,000 cash bonus per year. 

Software Developer

Software developers design, develop, install, test, and maintain software systems. This tech job is flexible and lucrative, as you can make around $85k to $118k per annum (depending on your experience). To be a software developer, you must have vast knowledge in coding, designing, building applications, websites, and mobile apps. The technical know-how of programming languages such as C#, C++, HTML, JavaScript, React, AWS, Python, NET, and SQL Server, are also vital. You must also have strong communication skills to understand and know the needs of every client.

Technical Account Manager

This is one of the best options IT positions for women because it has the best work-life balance for most working-moms in tech jobs as it comes with a lot of flexibility. A technical account manager is a middle man (or woman) between clients and customers that provides technical support before and after-sales. To be a technical account manager,

It’s preferred, but not necessary, to have a bachelor’s degree in any IT or accounting-related field science or engineering. You should also be good at communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving and have a good working knowledge of sales software and technical software. The average salary for a technical account manager is $81,338 per year in the United States and $15,000 commission per year. 

Network and Computer Systems Administrator

These individuals are responsible for monitoring, organizing, protecting, maintaining, managing, and upgrading the software and hardware areas of the company computer system. For this position, having a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information science is fine. Nonetheless, taking part in internships and bagging other certifications that’ll show your working knowledge about protocols, software, languages, and tools will help you in the long run. The average salary for a network administrator is $67k per year. 

IT Recruiters

IT recruiters help tech companies to find qualified employees for open IT positions. As an IT recruiter, you’ll get to meet unique people, arrange interviews, source and screen out candidates with the right to seek candidates who have the specific IT skills an employee wants. This is a perfect choice if you’re looking for IT positions for women. 

This job offers a lot of flexibility and work-life balance. You only need to have college-level education and relevant certifications or other professional development to gain more expertise. Knowing how to code is not essential, as you only need the basic knowledge of IT terms with a strong social aptitude, the ability to communicate well, and relationship building. On average, an IT recruiter earns about $67,149 per year in the United States.

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