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April 4th, 2022 – Eleven Recruiting and Consulting Services, LLC has placed a candidate at an investment bank company in Los Angeles, California. 

Michael Chiang, CEO of Eleven Recruiting led the assignment along with Chris Chung, Technical Recruiter. The candidate has experience working in an enterprise environment, supporting users, and IT troubleshooting.

Candidate Background and Placement

The candidate fit for this position has 6 years of experience in IT support, including installation and maintenance of the company’s computer systems and network. Their expertise is proven by installing and configuring new computers to the network for employees.

They completed troubleshooting and repair for organizational computer issues, assisting office staff with computer application questions, and conducted computer technology training with all new staff. 

They have served in several IT support roles with national and global companies, including Chase Medical Centre and Professional Security Consultants: PSC. They joined the company after working for Chase Medical Centre in 2020.

Investment Bank Organizational Needs

The LA-based investment bank is an American multinational independent investment bank and financial services company. It is a leading global investment bank with expertise in mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, financial restructuring, and valuation.  The global team is committed to creating stronger local communities through a culture of socially responsible actions: diversity, equity, and inclusion; charitable giving; and environment. They are #1 in global investment banking restructuring and M&A transactions.

Organizationally, The bank was in search of a qualified candidate to provide general IT/user support on all installed applications, operating systems, and hardware, both in person and over the phone. 

Skills sought out by the investment bank for the role included: strong communication and analytical skills, and the ability to solve practical problems.

Recruiting Services

Want to learn more about our track record in specialized IT investment banking positions? Head over to our Client Services page to learn more about Eleven Recruiting candidate search services.

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