Part-Time Tech Jobs


If you’re a student, have childcare commitments, or need extra income, part-time jobs are an excellent way to keep earning money and add some experience to your resume. Fortunately, there are a few part-time tech jobs in which you can freelance and remotely in the tech industry. This article reviews some part-time tech jobs worth considering.

7 Popular Part-Time Tech Jobs In 2023

1. Technical Writer

Technical writers research, create and edit the content about a company’s product or services. This part-time tech job involves creating white papers, blog posts, or user manuals to help customers and users understand the company’s selling point. Technical writers must know little about the tech industry to simplify complex information for non-techies.

Skills: Working in this role requires excellent writing skills, critical-thinking skills, research skills, and team collaboration, and you must be detail-oriented. 

Salary: According to Indeed, the average salary for a technical writer is $36.03 per hour in the United States as of November 24, 2022.

2. Web Designer

As a part-time tech job, your role as a web designer will circle crafting a website’s aesthetics, layout, and navigability while simultaneously anticipating the user’s experience to make it smooth. It’s best to have graphic and technical skills to produce effective products. You’ll also typically work as assistants or apprentices to more experienced designers on a team.  

Skills:  Web designers work with HTML and CSS and software like Adobe Creative Suite, Photoshop, and Figma for bootstrap, creating wireframes, mockups, and site assets. Hence, you should have a working knowledge of design fundamentals, creating mockups, and how HTML and CSS work. 

Salary: According to Indeed, the average salary for a web designer is $25.57 per hour in the United States. 

3. Website Editor

A web editor is responsible for uploading, proofreading, formatting, and optimizing web content for visitors. This part-time tech job is ideal for you if you’re also passionate about writing and attention to detail but are not ready to know much about tech. The web editor often works with the content team to revise articles and ensure they’re better formatted for the internet.

Skills: A good knowledge of content management systems like WordPress and some copywriting skills are essential. You should also be familiar with SEO tools to help the site ranking. Time management, prioritization, and effective communication will help you in this role.

Salary: According to Indeed, the average salary for a web editor is $27.52 per hour in the United States. 

4. Web Developer

As a web developer, you’ll be expected to build and design websites and web applications using scripting languages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript. As a part-time tech job, your employer may also expect you to be able to use testing, surveys, and user feedback to identify issues and correct and improve the needed web pages. Web development also entails meeting target deadlines, following specific details from the client, and communicating effectively with the process.

Skills: Basic knowledge of programming languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, C#, etc. Your communication, attention to detail and problem-solving skills must also be sound. 

Salary: According to Indeed, the average salary for a web developer is $32.59 per hour in the United States

5. User Researcher

As a user experience researcher (UX researcher), your role is to gather deep insights into the user’s needs by observing and understanding user behaviors and motivations. This part-time etch job entails you gathering feedback from users to build a repository of context for design improvements. You often work alongside the designers, project managers, developers, and engineers to develop the best user experience for their audience.

Skills: Your research skills must be top-notch because, generally, UX researchers must be able to keep up with the constantly-evolving world of technology and the accompanying user interfaces. 

Salary: According to Indeed, The average salary for a user experience researcher is $84.84 per hour in the United States

6. Data Analyst

As a data analyst, your role is to collect data and information to find insight on specific tech topics. For this part-time tech job, you should be familiar with surveys, metrics, and other methods you can use to compile data, interpret it and present it in more user-friendly formats (like charts or infographics). It’s also your job to identify trends and areas for improvement based on the complex data collected.

Skills: Proficiency with databases, programming languages like JavaScript or XML, and data mining and segmentation processes is ideal. Data mining, management, research, analytics, visualization, and design skills are also handy since you’ll have to present your findings.

Salary: According to Indeed, the average salary for a data analyst is $35.68 per hour in the United States.

7. Technical Consultant

A technical consultant provides technical support and performs troubleshooting functions for the company’s product or application. In this part-time tech job, you’ll get the chance to work with clients to help them transform the way they use technology so they can improve business processes, reduce costs, and maximize tech opportunities. Ideally, as a technical consultant, you should be highly knowledgeable about your client’s product or application so that they can assist with whatever issues they may be facing. 

Skills: As a technical consultant, you’ll be conducting many training sessions, so your communication, agile, analysis, and research skills should be top-notch. Familiarizing yourself with technical skills like cloud systems, programming languages, and design software would be best. 

Salary: According to Indeed, the average salary for a technical consultant is $59.40 per hour in the United States 

The Bottom Line

The tech industry is one of the fastest-growing and most in-demand industries globally. So, there’s always a spot to fill in. That said, if you’re looking to dive into tech and gain experience while making a few bucks, these are some of the top tech jobs in high demand in 2023 and beyond. 

If you’re still unsure which part-time tech job would fit your skill, reach out to us on our candidate service page, and we’ll be happy to help. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look out for in a part-time tech job?

Look out for potential career advancement and network opportunities on the job, and be sure that there is a clear path for more job responsibilities in the organization to help you acquire more skills and build your professional network. Make sure you do an organization shadow to know its culture and values and how best their teamwork is. Even though part-time tech jobs don’t pay as much as professional level, look out for incentives and other benefits to help you enjoy your work at this stage.

How can I get a part-time tech job?

Like other careers, you can find part-time tech jobs through old-fashioned networking, company websites, networking career sites, or even social media platforms like LinkedIn. However, Since some part-time tech jobs require specialized skills, you can also find these jobs through a recruiter.

Do I need to prepare for an Interview for a part-time tech job?

Yes! Like a full-time role, you have to follow the procedure with the interview process. So, make sure to do your research and prepare for your interview. Read more about interview preparation tips. 

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