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July 5th, 2022 – Eleven Recruiting and Consulting Services, LLC have placed a candidate as Senior Network Administrator at an independent investment bank in Los Angeles, California. 

The recruitment assignment was solely led by Michael Chiang, CEO of Eleven Recruiting. The candidate has experience working in cross-functional teams, identifying business requirements, and supporting sales and marketing efforts.

Candidate Background and Placement

The candidate for this position has over 8 years of IT experience in cloud-based software company platforms. Specifically, as a developer with experience in Salesforce Development Life Cycle (SFDC), Apex, application design patterns, integration patterns, and deployment planning.

The above is proven by test scenarios created on Sandbox and the production environment and migrated code to deployment upon successful testing. They also created customized UI using Visualforce and LWC according to client and application requirements.

They have served in several leadership roles in national and global technical teams, such as Verizon and Western Governors University. They joined the company shortly after serving in LIG Solutions.

Investment Bank Organizational Needs

The LA-based investment bank is a global investment banking firm with expertise in mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, financial restructuring, and financial and valuation advisory. The firm’s commitment to client success across its advisory services is hallmarked by Independent advice and intellectual rigor.

Organizationally, the company was looking for a candidate adept at configuring both classic and lightning environments, data-oriented, and can handle mass updates using tools like data loader or demand tools.

The critical skills required for this role: are data-driven, analytical, and administrative in approach.

The LA-based investment bank has been named the No. 1 investment bank in its class for the past 10 years, with expertise in a wide array of strategic advisory services. The global team is committed to creating stronger local communities through a culture of socially responsible actions: diversity, equity, and Inclusion; charitable giving; and environment. This year, the company celebrates 50 years of providing consistent value.

Recruiting Services

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