Senior Systems Analyst


March 7th, 2022 – Eleven Recruiting and Consulting Services, LLC has placed a candidate as Senior Systems Analyst at an Investment management firm in New York.

Erik Gomez, Partner at Eleven Recruiting, led the assignment. The candidate has a proven track record with several successful projects – saving multi-million dollars.

Candidate Background and Placement

The candidate for this position has a 21-year track record in system analysis and project management. They were lauded with the much-coveted “Management ICON” award by the National Manager of GE Plastics USA in recognition for their outstanding contribution. 

This candidate has worked across multiple teams to create and maintain a solution roadmap for the trading tools and platform. Their efforts have also led to strong liaisons between the portfolio managers, trade assistants, credit analyst, analytics, external vendors, and the development team to streamline a transparent workflow environment. 

Their exceptional performance with national and global companies like PIMCO: Investment Management and Asset Mark, Inc. highlighted their leadership skills. The candidate joined the company after serving PIMCO since 2017.

Investment Management Firm Organizational Needs

The New York based investment management firm is a global private equity firm. They provide companies with innovative capital solutions and support to fund their growth and build stronger businesses. 

Organizationally, the investment firm was looking for a candidate from a fixed-income investment background and someone with relevant experience to meet business needs efficiently. 

Skills sought out by investment firms for the role included: strong knowledge of fixed income trading practices and markets, project management, order management systems (OMS), electronic trading practices, and markets. 

The company has been in business for 32 years and is uniquely positioned to expand opportunities for investors, companies, and employees. The investment firm takes an integrated approach by incorporating ESG considerations from investing, lending, and global operations.

Recruiting Services

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