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These days, many young people are intrigued by jobs that help the environment. Currently, we have so many green tech jobs and software that can help realize a green economy.

What tech jobs are good for the environment? Do we have software developed specifically to protect planet earth? Let’s find out.

What are Green Jobs?

Green jobs are careers that help sustain a healthy environment. The premise of a healthy environment is divided into three aspects – regulation, conservation, and equal distribution of resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are environmental jobs in demand?

Yes, environmental jobs are in high demand, especially among young people. The youth are engaging in healthy activism aimed toward protecting the environment.

What is an example of a green job?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, green jobs can be anything that deals with water conservation, electric vehicles, solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, forestry, recycling, and biofuels. BLS categorizes these jobs into two: Those that produce goods and services that are environmentally friendly and those that have production processes that are safe for the environment.

Why is green technology the future?

Green technology is the future because it works toward environmental sustainability. In the long run, it will solve the current environmental crisis and make the planet more habitable for future generations, animals, and plants.

Tech Jobs that Help the Environment

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Here are some of the best green jobs in tech.

Electric Vehicle Engineering

The current transport system produces carbon emissions that are harmful to the environment. Therefore, many governments worldwide are pushing toward using public transportation or cycling to reduce these harmful emissions.

One of the best tech companies working on climate change currently is Tesla. 

If you want to work in this field, a degree in Mechanical Engineering can help you achieve this.

Solar Turbine operator

Over the years, the renewable energy tech jobs have increased. Solar energy is cheaper than other types of energy and is also eco-friendly. Working as a solar turbine operator will give you the chance to help millions of people use a cheaper energy solution that conserves nature. 

Some of the best solar companies in the US are Tesla, Sunrun, SunPower, Vivint Solar, and SunPro Solar.

Recycling Plant Operator

We’ve all seen what plastic does to our water bodies and creatures. To counteract this, most businesses have started using degradable packaging materials as a move toward a sustainable environment. However, some items (like water) are still packaged in plastics.

Since we cannot control the use of plastics entirely, recycling is the best option to control the menace. You can find a job in a recycling plant. Working as a recycling plant operator is fun and a noble course toward conserving the environment. Recycling jobs are considered some of the best green jobs.

Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineers work as consultants. These professionals have studied the causes of environmental injustices and remedies. The engineers consult for governments, private companies, and public corporations. They understand how different projects will impact the environment.

To work as an environmental engineer, you’ll need to study environmental engineering.

Software that Helps the Environment

There are brilliant minds that have already come up with software that help conserve the planet. If you want to develop eco-friendly software or find environmental software jobs, here are some you could look at for inspiration.


The software is designed to help businesses manage their Environmental Management Systems (EMS) requirements. It  is also customizable to suit any organizational needs.


Sometimes, companies break environmental laws because of ignorance. To make businesses aware of these laws, Libryo Software is a fantastic software tool. It lets companies know about environmental laws that apply to their business. 

Libryo is a cloud-based platform that makes law jargon easily understandable to business owners. It also notifies business owners when specific laws change.

When businesses follow regulations to conserve the environment, it’s a win for the company and the environment. 


VelocityEHS allows business people to key in critical environmental data such as air, waste, and water. The software then generates data showing how the business is managing the environment. The platform also generates solutions to different issues faced by organizations.

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