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May 23rd, 2022 – Eleven Recruiting and Consulting Services, LLC has placed a candidate as Technical Lead at an asset management firm based in Los Angeles, California. 

Erik Gomez, Search Consultant of Eleven Recruiting, led the assignment along with Michael Chiang, CEO of Eleven Recruiting. The candidate stood out for their ability to adapt across different industries.

Candidate Background and Placement

The selected candidate for this position has a 10-year track record in creating high-quality products that meet real business demands. They sealed the deal with their recent accomplishment in managing a portal that identifies provider(s) based on medical condition, provider specialty, provider name, or provider.

They also led the development of automated scripts for data comparison and analysis which features development integrated with Symplr and Google Maps. Additionally, the candidate assisted the project with extensive and detailed QA testing.

Various leadership roles with national and global companies also helped the candidate stand out. 

The most notable feat is their association with world-renowned academic medical centers like Keck Medicine of USC.

Organizational Needs

This LA-based asset management firm is a global leader in their field with a broad range of products across fixed income, equities, emerging markets, and alternative investments. 

The firm’s clients include many of the largest corporate and public pension plans, financial institutions, endowments, and foundations in the U.S.; they also work with renowned foreign investors, and high-net-worth individuals.  

Organizationally, the LA-based asset management firm was looking for a candidate to provide technical leadership in all aspects of the analytics engineering systems. 

They want to focus on enabling the analytics engineering team to embrace sound technical practices to ensure the scalability and overall maintainability of the platform.

Skills sought out by the LA-based asset management firm for the role included: strong knowledge of financial systems servicing commercial real estate investments, demonstrated understanding of Project Management Methodology (PMM) fundamentals, and great at business process analysis. 

The LA-based asset management firm has been in business for more than four decades. Today, they manage $220 billion in client assets and one of the largest mutual fund complexes in the U.S.

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