Technology Consulting


Many businesses are using technology consulting to improve their performance and get the most out of their IT resources. If you’ve been putting off hiring a technological consultant, you’re probably behind your competition. 

Getting expert assistance as soon as possible benefits your business in the long run. Most companies that do not pay attention to this aspect of their operations tend to run into a bottleneck sooner or later. 

We’ll look more into what a technology consultant does, why it is needed, and discuss where to find IT consultants.

What does an IT Consultant do?

IT consultants are independent experts who analyze a firm’s IT systems to assist them in achieving their business goals. Their primary responsibilities include diagnosing and analyzing a company’s IT infrastructure, understanding a customer’s business demands, and implementing technological solutions.

Why is a Technology Consultant Needed?

1. Tech Troubleshooting: A good technology consultant is intimately familiar with the latest technology in the market. With this knowledge, they can help your company troubleshoot problems, especially complex ones, from time to time. 

2. Training: Tech-consultants can train your employees on the proper use of technology and give them insights into improving and speeding up their workday process and procedure. They also train your employees on how to use these technologies efficiently to improve the whole company’s productivity.  

3. Designing Systems: If you want to redesign your IT system or build new ones, getting external consultants is recommended even if you have IT employees. They bring a fresh perspective, and both your consultants and employees can come together to develop new solutions and fix existing issues. 

Additionally, consultants work with many companies, and with their experience, they can create IT infrastructure for any company from scratch. It’s also challenging for a company to develop processes and procedures to test one’s own IT infrastructure, so hiring outside help can be helpful.

4. Reducing Costs: Hiring an IT expert is a cost-effective solution if your company doesn’t need permanent IT employees but could do with some IT help. You don’t need to hire long-term employees to deal with minor problems. 

Tech experts also reduce costs by automating tasks and training employees to utilize technology to improve their productivity. 

5. Business Continuity: Tech consultants can help plan ahead to prevent disruptions to your business, such as data breaches or downtime, which are costly affairs and something no company wants to happen. You never know when a disaster might strike, so it is best to be prepared for anything right from the start! 

Things to Consider When Hiring a Tech Consultant

1. Can they help you? – It’s rare that you’ll find consultants specialized in all aspects of IT. You’re more likely to find consultants specialized in a specific area, like mobile app development or IT security. So make sure to assess their specialty thoroughly before bringing a consultant on board. 

2.  Check for expertise and credibility – Before hiring an IT expert, it’s always a good idea to carry out some basic research to see if your consultant walks his talk. Find past clients of the consultant and ask them if they were happy with their work. You can also search for reviews and testimonials on the net.  

3. Good communication skills – The tech expert must have good communication skills so he can clearly convey the problems in your current IT infrastructure and elucidate the solutions in an easy-to-understand manner. 

4. Confidentiality Agreements – Since consultants work with many companies, make sure you have them sign an NDA to keep your information secure. 

5. Train the Staff – Your consultant must train your employees to deal with future problems so you can avoid hiring one repeatedly. 

Where to Find IT Consultants?

Technology Consulting

1. LinkedIn – The platform is a super-easy way to find consultants. If you’re looking for a cyber security consultant, just type ‘cyber security consultant’ to find tons of potential candidates that you can reach out to. 

2. Freelance Sites – Sites like Upwork are another way you can hire consultants. With Upwork, you can see reviews from past clients that the consultant has worked with. This will give you a good idea of whether they can deliver actual results. 

3. Reddit – Reddit is a great place to find consultants if you know what to look for. You’ll find many knowledgeable people offering advice in different subreddits, and you can ask them to send their resume. Gold in the most unlikely of places.

4. Forums – Similar to Reddit, you can search forums to find consultants in your particular niche. For example, if you want a software development consultant, look for forums where people discuss software development. 

5. Tech Consulting Companies: IT consulting firms employ consultants who can provide services and advice related to your technology. By hiring the services of a firm, you get access to a team of experts experienced in providing advice on business data networks, software development, security, hardware design, and installation. They also offer training to clients.

6. Recruiting Agencies – Recruiting agencies are one of the best options you have to find a competent technology consultant. Agencies with experience have helped plenty of companies find the right consultants because of their experience and knowledge.

Speaking of recruiting agencies, if you’re interested in getting  help from one, then take a look at Eleven Recruiting. We’ve served plenty of companies like Disney, Sony, Warner Bros, Hilton to find the right employees for their IT needs. With our 20+ years of experience, we were able to match them with the ideal tech consultants. 

By understanding the needs and requirements of your company or consultancy, we can find a consultant that’s a perfect match for you, and you can then interview and further screen them for a fit. If you’re interested, check out our page to read more about how we can help you. 

Frequently Asked Question

Is Hiring A Technology Consultant Worth It?

Yes, hiring a technology consultant is completely worth it. While a good consultant may be expensive, in the long run, they are profitable for your business as they can help your company grow by troubleshooting problematic areas in your business and then implementing solutions that help your company grow.

What Is A Reasonable Hourly Rate For an IT Consultant?

IT consultants charge anywhere between 25$-60$/hour. The rates depend mainly on their experience level as well as location (tech consultants in the US charge more than those in other countries).

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