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A new world is being created before our own eyes.  Day by day, humanity is being tested at a rapid speed.  Businesses and jobs, families and lives are being impacted.  Even in these unprecedented times, millions of courageous individuals will heed the call to be on the front lines.

“Look for the helpers, you will always find people who are helping!”

— Fred Rogers

Our heroes do not wear capes. They wear surgical masks, gloves and bare creases and indentations on their face. They drive trucks and deliver essentials to families. They brave the aisles of your grocery stores, carrying large crates and replenishing empty shelves. They serve the community and provide safety at our most vulnerable time.

If any of these people are in your life, give them a call and acknowledge them for risking their lives; for being on the front lines, and most importantly, for being a helper.

Michael Chiang

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