7 Reasons Why People Want to Stay in the Best Tech Jobs


If you get the chance to talk to people working in information technology, they’d definitely tell you they have the best tech jobs. Most tech gurus love the exciting nature of their jobs and the ability to create solutions. The Tech industry is fast-paced, so why have people built thriving careers in this field? And do they consider it the best?.

Employee Retention Rate in Tech

Traditional Tech companies have lower employee retention rates than other jobs in the US. The low retention rate is due to the long working hours, and the allure of progressive working conditions in competing companies. 

Even with the low employee retention rates, the best tech jobs retain their employees. Leading IT companies have good employee retention strategies. The best tech companies ensure that the employees feel that their needs are met both extrinsically and intrinsically.. A balance of these needs being met makes tech professionals feel appreciated and subsequently stay in their jobs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average tenure of tech employees?

The average tenure of a tech employee is about 3 years. Most recruitment professionals admit that it’s difficult to attract talent in IT compared to other areas. This is why HR professionals continue to craft innovative compensation plans for tech professionals to meet their needs and wants.

Why should you choose a career in tech?

You should choose a career in tech because it offers a flexible work-life balance, great pay, a progressive work culture, and a lot of other perks. The longer you stay and grow in your tech job; the better the rewards.

What drives job satisfaction in IT companies?

Job satisfaction in IT companies is driven by a positive work culture, great team work from colleagues, supportive management, and of course the pay. The balance between extrinsic and intrinsic rewards help increase retention in for the best tech jobs.

7 Reasons Why People Stay in the Best Tech Jobs

Here are some of the reasons why people stay in the best tech jobs in Los Angeles and beyond. 

IT Jobs Pay Well

A career in technology can give you that financial breakthrough you’ve been chasing. A survey conducted by Glassdoor revealed that IT jobs were the best paying in the US for 3 years in a row.

For instance, a DevOps engineer pockets an annual salary of about $105 428, while a data engineer earns about $141 500 annually.

Lots of Perks

the best tech jobs go over and beyond to give the workers a great experience. IT professionals enjoy a hybrid work environment where they work some days in the office and others at home. Some companies offer unlimited food and snacks, while others pay for employee fitness classes.

For instance, Google gives employees food, allows dogs, and unlimited paid offs. New parents are also accorded enough time with their newborns. While working at Google, you also get to enjoy free transport to and from work.

Apple also strives to make the employees happy by providing medical covers, outstanding salaries, and equal opportunities for everyone. The company also offers pet sitters for the employees working at different Apple campuses. And, of course, the well-known ‘beer bash’ happens annually where employees enjoy free alcohol.

Competitive Environment

Working in the technology sector is not for the complacent. As a tech guru, you want to ensure that you’re on your toes to remain relevant and climb up the ladder. This could mean adding more skills and remaining aggressive. People working in tech enjoy working in competitive environments, which makes them stay in their jobs.

For example, a company like Uber believes in a meritocracy policy where employees have to show their efforts to climb up the ladder. The ride-hailing company is estimated at $70 billion and operates in over 70 countries. The company admits that the success is attributed to aggressive employees working towards innovations.

Become a Techprenuer

Working in the IT sector opens you up to a whole world of new opportunities. You get to develop so many applications, software, and even websites. You also encounter loopholes you can develop into a business in the process.

Many business owners started as IT professionals. For example, Mark Zuckerberg started as a programmer in a small company. Well, now he owns the most prominent tech company – Meta.

Job Security

People stay in the best tech jobs because they don’t have to worry about keeping their job. The technology sector is growing at a fast rate compared to other industries. It, therefore, means that the demand for IT professionals is high, and the existing workforce is assured of their job security.

Great Work Culture

Tech companies are the best to work for because of their positive work culture. Think of the Hackathons where tech gurus all over the world participate. Think of supportive management and flexible work hours.

Companies like Microsoft were the champions of hybrid work models that allowed employees to work from home. Other companies like HubSpot have formed support groups for minority groups like the LGBTQ.

Create a Fully Digital Future

Working in tech allows you to participate in projects that pave the way for a better digital world. The fast-paced nature of tech calls for constant innovations in which you can participate.

Tech is challenging and exciting at the same time. People enjoy working in the best tech jobs because they get to develop new solutions, learn, grow, and enjoy a good salary. 

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