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Most people job hunt before they graduate and that’s totally a smart move but sometimes, a recruitment agency helps in finding the perfect fit.

Many individuals desire direct job opportunities from their target companies but it also entails a herculean filter. Most of the time candidates don’t even go past the first stage. This is where job recruiters can help you.

Recruiters and headhunters identify job opportunities specialized for talented individuals. They don’t just pick as much talent as they can, recruiters support professionals by:

  • understanding someone’s strengths and weaknesses
  • understanding a professional’s goals or even help professionals craft their career goals
  • finding the right job fit where people can grow as a professional

The Right Job Fit by a Recruitment Agency

So, what exactly is the right job fit? The easiest way to explain it is crafting serendipity! It’s the right opportunity for your skills, needed at the right time by the right company. The right job fit isn’t always perfect at first but it provides you the ideal work environment to grow. 

Every candidate has a different sense of the right job fit so it’s really difficult to compare one candidate’s fit from another. This is why recruiters look for specialized job opportunities for each candidate. This translates to fulfilled candidates once they land their first job placement. 

Since the goals of every candidate changes over time, it’s best to talk to your recruitment agency every now and then to realign the opportunity that you have and see your growth. Great recruiters keep an eye on their talent and keep track of how much they’ve grown.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is person-job fit important?

This is an essential criterion to a sustainable career. It considers the employee’s well-being and his/her fulfillment doing the job. This is also a key element in preventing burnout.

What is job satisfaction?

This is the degree on how much an employee feels satisfied, content, and self-motivated with what he/she is doing. This is where the purpose and benefits of the job meets the goals of the employee.

Who can help me find a job?

Career coaches, headhunters, and recruitment agencies. These are essentially present in our recruiters in Eleven Recruiting. We don’t just find jobs for you, we make sure it’s a specialized opportunity for your skills and goals.

Jumpstart Your Career with a Recruitment Agency

There are two ways you can jumpstart your career today. Directly apply for a job or let a recruiter or headhunter help you in finding the right fit. Both ways will involve you being proactive to these opportunities. The difference, however, is how easy it is going to be to land a job.

Direct Hire

Directly being hired has its own benefits. One of which is the fulfilment of landing a job on your own. However, this method is quite hard as companies have strict filters on the talents they acquire. It’s quite commendable if you pass all the filters for the job opportunity but it’s going to be back to square one when you decide to explore other opportunities.

The application process often takes quite longer when directly applying for a job. This is because the hiring managers and interviewees are also humans with other responsibilities. There are times when oversight happens and other times the interviewers don’t call you back to avoid awkward situations. 

Recruited Talent

A recruitment agency definitely helps in finding specialized job opportunities for your talent. Here in Eleven Recruiting, our relationship with our clients make it easier for talented individuals to land a job in well-established companies. But it doesn’t end there, we aim to guide these individuals to develop their skills to become better fit for their preferred job.

Whether you go directly or go to a recruiter, remember that the right fit depends on you, your skills, and your goals (both personal and professional.) sometimes your career path might not go according to plan but it’s up to you to bounce back and land on the perfect opportunity for you.

Interested in a recruitment career? Join us in making lives better. Talk to us.

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