Getting The Best Work-Life Balance Jobs


If I tell you that the key to living a satisfying career is finding the best work-life balance jobs, would you believe me? I’m not talking about the cliché 8-8-8 myth, 8 hours working, 8 hours sleeping, and 8 hours of recreational and social activities. It just doesn’t work today. Sometimes, the jobs we crave don’t give us the work-life balance we deserve. So what’s the key to living a satisfying career life, and how’d you get the best work-life balance?

What is Work-life Balance?

Work-life balance considers your personal, professional, and social life. Unfortunately, while some careers allow a balanced relationship between work and private life, others eat up the significant time you have to enjoy leisure and family. 

According to Statista, one of the countries with the worst work-life balance is the United States, having 11.1% of its employees working long hours above the OECD average of 11%. Employees also spend 14.4 hours on personal care and leisure which is less than the OECD average of 15 hours. The adverse effect of this work-life imbalance has resulted in low productivity and creativity, costly mistakes, poor performance, and neglected family and friends on the employee’s part. And all these effects don’t get you the satisfying career you need. 

The Myth About Work-life Balance

Most people think having or achieving a work-life balance relates to time management. However, we sometimes end up having a never-ending to-do list with unfinished tasks right? Also, there’s a myth on technology giving us more time for leisure, which is another lie!

Yes, technology has its perks, but the reality is that the latest tech devices that help us stay connected and active also make us spend long hours working than ever before. Technology has changed the way we work and also the working hours. The times we have to ease out are often when an urgent work email comes in. What I’m saying is that there are many myths about work-life balance, but the truth about having a work-life balance is that it’s all determined by you!

Work-life balance is subjective. What works for you may not create balance for others. I mean, we can’t wipe out technology, nor can we wipe out personal time management. So, rather than focusing on doing everything, focus on the essential things as you manage your energy and attention throughout the day to maximize output.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the benefit of work-life balance?

Finding the best work-life balance jobs  is the key to a satisfying career. It helps relieve stress levels while improving your ability to be present, mindful, and engaged in your personal life and work life. A poor work-life balance will make you disorganized and less motivated to strive for greater heights in your career.

What are the things that can cause an unfulfilled career life?

Indeed, the daily changes occurring in the world alongside the unpleasant hustling and bustling that we do can sometimes throw us in and out of the work-life balance cycle. Yet, some common factors contribute to experiencing an unfulfilled career life and a poor work-life balance. 

Money is your only driving force: Money is good, but it comes with a short period of happiness. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that money doesn’t guarantee the best work-life balance jobs, it’s just occasionally a part of it. so they jump into any career that requires longer hours because the pay is good. 

To get to the job you wanted: Applying for a job only to get promoted to a particular role you want is a total waste of time. This act of applying to a job to get another position is one reason why a lot of us don’t get to balance our work lives. Some tech firms don’t post their job openings in public spaces, so there’s a good chance something you want exists and is waiting for you to jump up and snag it — it’s your move!

How can I get a work-life balance in my career? 

A fulfilling career life and work-life balance are attainable, but to achieve that level of work-life balance, you need to put in some work. Here are some steps to take that will put you on the path of work-life balance.

Know What You Want. 

You need to do some self-reflection and think about what you want. This also means that you need to think about getting a job or career that you’ll find fulfilling, that you have chosen and that you find meaningful. Knowing what you want is the first step to living a satisfying career, and it’s the start of your work-life balance. 

Aside from that, it’s also important to note the skills that helped you achieve a task or that can make you earn a living. When you understand your purpose, you can find the best work-life balance jobs fit for you..

Allow boundaries for work. 

You’ll need to know when to start working, when to take breaks and when to stop. When you work, work. And when it is time for play, take your mind off your work and have fun. Also, take time out to rest, spend time with family, and put time into developing and practicing your passions. 

Add Flexibility.

You’re more likely to enjoy the best work-life balance jobs once you have access to flexible working arrangements. And the only way to have that access is to communicate your needs to your employer. Ask permission for more flexibility in your schedule and with your work hours if you could come in and leave earlier. Communicating your needs on flexibility can help you reach a better work-life balance. 

Some Best Work-life Balance Jobs in IT

IT is the new gold, and as much as everyone is jumping into it, you must know the top IT jobs that can give you an optimal work-life balance.

UX Designers

Choosing the UX designer path is one of the best work-life balance jobs in IT. This career path has a lot of creative challenges and a work-life balance that you’ll love. Tech companies are now offering their UX designers flexible work schedules, remote work, and the ability to schedule their hours. In 2022, the average salary for a UX designer in the United States is about $106,000 – $147,000.

Data Scientist

If you love to mine through data for insights that can help stakeholders to achieve their goals, then being a data scientist might be one of the best work-life balance jobs for you. This career path involves creating algorithms and predictive models to identify trends and reach a beneficial strategic business. As of January 2022, the average salary for a data scientist in the United States is about $64,994 yearly, with a $2,500 cash bonus per year. 

Technical Account Manager 

This career path is one of the best work-life balance jobs in IT as it comes with a lot of flexibility. A technical account manager is a middleman between clients and customers. Though there may be some late nights and extra hours during weekends, This job gives you a chance to organize and customize your work-life balance. As of January 2022, the average salary for a technical account manager is $83,478 per year in the United States and $15,000 commission per year. 


This job sector includes front-end developers, software developers, game developers, web developers, and mobile developers. Although their work seems hectic, yet, they have one of the best work-life balance jobs. Their core job duties are writing out scripts or code, deploying them, and testing and fixing bugs. The average salary for developers is $85,669 per year in the United States and a $3,000 cash bonus per year. This salary range depends on the specification you choose. 

Technical Content Writer

A career in technical writing is flexible and dynamic, as much of the part is on a freelance basis which makes it one of the best work-life balance jobs in IT. A technical writer works with product developers and designers. To create content that a non-tech person can understand with ease. The average salary for a technical content writer is $34.17 per hour in the United States, with a cash bonus of $2,000 per year. You only need to equip yourself with relevant skills like a vast knowledge of science and technology terms and trends, research and exploration skills, writing skills, and proofreading skills.

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To sum up…

This one life we have is the only chance we get to choose the best work-life balance jobs that fit every aspect of our lives. So, rather than counting time, focus on efforts as it’s not how far, but how well. Also, focus more on activities that you believe make a difference, and choose a work-life balance career that gives you the flexibility to find your purpose and fulfillment in your work. 


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