Everything You Need to Know for an Executive Job Search


C level positions are very hard to come by, and recent situations just made it worse. While there is a great buzz across industries, the executive job search still remains an enigma for many.

The process can be intimidating if you’re short on time, but with the right guidance, you can improve your chances and make your searching sorrows disappear.

What is an Executive Job Search?

An executive job search is different from a regular job hunt, especially in the tech industry. The positions up for grabs are usually at the top of the organizations, making the process arduous and competitive..

Tech companies may require  several  interviews and tests  which is a stark contrast for someone looking into an entry level position. The hiring process takes longer and they prioritize individuals that can lead them forward together with the team.

Efficiency is key for the executive job process. You wouldn’t want to spend your time unnecessarily applying for different positions when you can be spending it with your family or planning out your future.. 

Trained recruiters, such as Eleven Recruiting, who have experience in your target industries will have a much easier time aligning you with the right kind of companies and just fast track the whole process. Our recruitment experts can help identify top executives with impeccable leadership skills fit for your company’s vision.

Why is the Job Hunt Process So Important?

Everything You Need to Know for an Executive Job Search In Body

These days, the job-hunting process is pretty much the same regardless of the position you are hoping to get. Google and even social media platforms like LinkedIn are the first places you should go to when you want to find the right opportunities.

It would also be wise to opt for trained recruiters, such as Eleven Recruiting. They specialize in targeting the right companies that value your skill set, interest, work-life balance, and financial compensation. Because the process is streamlined and custom fit, the likelihood of landing a job is higher.

What you do with your time and your approach to job positions will make or break your success. Professional networks and personal reputation always come in handy, but optimizing how you apply to executive jobs is more impactful..

Job Hunting on a Search Engine  

Job hunting on a search engine like Dice or Indeed is the go-to option for most people. Companies usually post job openings here where interested candidates can submit their resumes. The downside? You have to send out tons of emails and invest your time in applying to different jobs.

Job Hunting on LinkedIn 

If you have a strong online presence on LinkedIn, then you should find positive responses fairly quickly. Search for the companies or tech startups that you would be interested in and send out a message. An even better way to utilize LinkedIn would be to reach out to the hiring manager or a relevant figure within the organization. 

You do need to stay proactive on the platform to build meaningful relationships online. Maintaining a presence is key in successfully hunting for a position on LinkedIn.

Job Hunting with a Recruiter 

The most convenient way to hunt for a job is to enlist a talented recruiter. Experienced recruiters have connections and a solid network with different companies and even across industries. They will be able to understand your goals and technical skillset as an executive and find the best options for you to choose from and apply to.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the executive search process?

While the process for finding the next CEO or CFO of a company varies greatly, there are a number of steps and barriers that a candidate needs to overcome before succeeding. 

For any executive job search process, you can expect several interviews that test several key points. This may include your aptitude, knowledge of the industry, affinity with the company, and even your vision for the future.

These interviews and evaluations may be in person or given the times, be conducted online by the hiring committee or an executive partner. Job agencies may also be picked to deal with the whole process.

How long does the average job search take?

Generally speaking, a typical job search can range from anywhere between a month to eight months. This should give you some perspective on how challenging job searches can be for some individuals or industries..

For an executive job search, the average time stands at around three months. You need to keep in mind that there are not a lot of open spaces available and the competition is incredibly tough.

There are a number of ways that you can reduce the time it takes when searching for a job.

One way of doing this is to ask your professional circle to recommend you for C level positions. Alternatively, you can use platforms like LinkedIn to get a better idea of the kind of trends in the industry..

How to Increase Your Chances of Success in an Executive Job Search?

Going to a job fair might have worked if you were someone straight out of college and wanted to land any job to get out of your parent’s house. But if you are looking to apply for a C level position, you need to make sure that you’re searching in the right places.

Here is how you can increase your chances of success in an executive job search:

Optimize the Way you Search for New Opportunities.

Optimizing the way you search for new opportunities is the best way to land your dream job. Whether you are looking for entry level office jobs, or hoping to become the top gun at any organization, taking a methodical approach will help you save time and effort.

LinkedIn should be your go to when you want to be proactively searching for new opportunities. Ideally, you should be using a premium version of LinkedIn. This small investment can help make your searching on the platform more productive.

Once you think that you have found something that matches your interest, send out a hyper personalized email that highlights your experience and why you are the only person who could steer the company in the right direction.

Fallback on your Network when Nothing else Works

There is probably nothing that a robust network of people cannot fix. By relying on your connections, you will be able to quickly get access to opportunities that might not even be available to the public. 

Especially when it comes to smaller startups who are looking to expand, knowing the right people can greatly speed up the process and set you up for success. Having a strong network and cultivating those meaningful relationships is no joke and takes years to nurture. But in times of need, this network certainly helps you succeed.

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