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Whether you dream of starting your own business, making an impact in a certain field, or simply starting out your career, It’s always good to be supported by a company with a growth mindset.

Here at Eleven Recruiting, we aim to provide growth for both our clients and our candidates. Our recruiters have been the bridge between matching job hunters and hiring companies. Of course, just like all careers, it’s not always going to be easy. That’s why our management style is more similar to mentorship than a traditional corporate style of coaching.

So if you’re new to the field or shifting to a greener pasture, you might want to check out what Eleven Recruiting can offer your career and lifestyle.

What We Do

Eleven Recruiting is an IT recruiting organization based in Los Angeles committed to educating, inspiring, and mentoring our candidates’ skills. 

Our recruiting ecosystem revolves around the three C’s: Clients, these are the companies we work with; Candidates, these are the talents we match with our clients, and Community; we take great concern for our community which is why we developed programs for the youth and minority groups.

The driving force for the business are on the hands of our talented recruiters that, over time, developed and learned skills essential to their careers. As the main point person for the business, we ensure proper training and mentorship to continuously develop these skills.

A Great Environment for Your Career Growth

As the market evolves and adapts to our changing times, IT job seekers are looking for a great working environment aside from all the benefits that come with the job. 

The top three most important factors to job seekers are:

  • Career Development
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Organization’s Culture and Work Environment.

As specialized recruiters, we don’t just fill out job orders; we match the goals of each candidate with the goals of the hiring company. We dive deep into both the organizational and cultural goals of the talents and find the best work environment that will help them grow.

It doesn’t end there. We know that IT jobs can be quite overwhelming especially for fresh talent. This is why we check in on our candidates to see how they’re doing and see if they need support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What jobs can you get as an IT professional?

There are a lot of opportunities for IT talents around the country. Here are the top five IT jobs that are in demand now.

  • Security Professionals
  • Mobile Application Developer
  • Cloud Architect
  • System / Program Analyst
  • Database Administrator

How much money do IT professionals make?

According to , The average salary of a tech support specialist is at $69,001.00 per annum in 2020. It is expected to increase moving towards 2026.

Should I go through a recruitment agency?

IT recruitment companies, such as Eleven Recruiting, directly work with tech companies and have a better grasp of what jobs they require. Recruiters often match the needs of the company to the skill set of the candidates which makes it more efficient for both the IT talent and the company.

I Want a Job in Tech

With the current environment of the tech industry, the competition to get into a good IT company on your own is quite stiff. Recruitment companies can help you tread through all the opportunities and find the perfect match for you.

A job in tech requires critical thinking and skill sets that are up-to-date with technological needs and industry needs. Eleven Recruiting supports IT professionals in developing these candidate traits to fit the companies they want to work for. This is also part of our initiative to serve communities and give a better future easier.

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