Risks and Career Growth


You’re young and full of energy, and you just starting your career. The biggest goal in your mind right now is following your career path. However, at the back of your head, you keep on wondering about the what-ifs. My friend, your eyes are now open to the risks of career growth.

It’s totally normal to think about opportunity cost of every action or, in some cases, inaction of looking for jobs.

It’s better to think of the risks that you’ll have to face in order to achieve the career growth you sooner rather than later. Neglectful inaction can lead to abundant regret. 

So, how big of a risk are we talking about when it comes to career paths?

Career Risk

Just like any smart person would do, you only take calculated risks. This is true in most cases especially in choosing the right job or shifting to a different career path. This is your life we’re talking about. 

Think of it as sailing into the open seas. If you’re even one degree away from your course, you’ll end up in the wrong destination.

So when should you and when should you not take career risks?

Take The Risk!

Hitting the Ceiling

When you feel like you’re not growing because you’ve already mastered everything there is to know about your current job. Now, this isn’t entirely your fault. One reason for this is a lack of growth or promotional opportunities. If you’ve hit the ceiling, it’s time to look for a bigger house.

You Don’t Fear Anything

If new responsibilities or tasks don’t scare you, it could mean that you’re already good at what you’re doing. This lack of thrill could lead to burnout which ultimately creates poor performance. Fear is a sign that there is room for career growth.

You Have a Greater Calling

What most managers don’t immediately understand is that there is a greater call aside from money and benefits. If your gut feeling is telling you that you need to be somewhere else, listen to it! This is common among employees that have a great sense of self-worth and purpose.

Think About It First

If You’re Just Bored: being bored at your current job isn’t supposed to be a deciding factor in taking career risks. Boredom is often short term. If you take the risk without thinking, you’d end up with regrets.

Offered with a Bigger Salary: Although salary is often a factor in employee piracy, it should always be considered before taking a personal risk. If the benefits of what you’re being offered is too good to be true, it probably is. Look inwards and see if the job being offered can fulfill what you really want to do.

Testing it Out: Never test the waters with both feet. Risking your career just out of curiosity isn’t the smartest move you can make. of course there are a lot of factors to consider when making a career leap. It’s better to know the depths of what you’re going into than just simply jumping in.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you don’t take risks?

Nothing. You’ll be exactly where you are now in 20 years if you don’t take risks. This isn’t a good thing even for risk averse people because growth is a natural part of living a fulfilling life.

Is it worth taking risks in my career?

It depends. Smart risks or calculated risks often show you the outcome of the risks you’re about to take. It could really pay off if the outcomes are aligned with what you want to happen. However, you must deeply contemplate it because new isn’t always better.

What is a Positive Risk?

It is a type of risk that yields a positive outcome most of the time. It impacts many important things in your life. It could be peace of mind, bigger salary, or better work environment. Remember that there are also rewards in taking risks.

3 Tips on Proactively Looking for a Job

  1. Name What You Want – Collect and select, start by looking for jobs that fit what you want, what you’re good at, and what you want to learn.
  2. Analyze the Pros and Cons – Look for the benefits and repercussions of taking these jobs and filter them to the degree these could affect your life.
  3. Have a Plan B, C, D, and E. – Always have a backup plan. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. It’s possible to apply for different jobs at the same time. Create a career map that shows you the what ifs and risks that you’d possibly take and plan your strategy through that map.

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