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Having IT skills, even just the most basic ones, is a huge advantage in today’s job market. While many jobs don’t completely rely on computers, like retail or construction, different industries are slowly incorporating computer knowledge as a primary skill needed for job openings.

If you want to progress in your career, you will definitely need to take an interest in developing one or two technical skills. Even if you are not proficient with computers or technology, you at least need to be familiar with it.

What are IT skills?

These refer to familiarity and ability of handling  computers, hardware or software, their maintenance, and usage. IT skills is a broad umbrella of different specialties used to navigate through processes, programs, and concepts.

IT skills

Companies and job recruitment agencies look for these skills when scouting for talents. In essence, the skills you put in your resume makes you more competent for the IT job posting. Some of the most popular skills that top talents include in their work are:


Programming involves creating executable programs to do a specific task. It involves logical analyses and in-depth knowledge of computer languages such as CSS, HTML, Java, and C++. Companies want candidates with this basic IT skill especially when they want to develop an application, improve processes, or are learning to adapt to new technology.

Web Designing

This IT skill is a cross between aesthetic design and functional programming. As more and more businesses are migrating to the internet, the demand for talents with web designing skills continues to grow. Businesses that are focused on improving or creating a great digital presence should invest in talents with this skill.

Grow your knowledge in web design through practice or creating your own website. A good platform for this are  wordpress, wix, and squarespace.

Ecommerce Store Creation

Ecommerce is booming since the pandemic has forced people to be cramped up in their homes. Learning how to create an ecommerce store will help you sell out this service to prospective clients who have a product ready to sell. 

Ecommerce platforms such as shopify and woocommerce can provide you with tools to create or improve websites. Adobe Dreamweaver is a great application to have if you’re planning to make a website from scratch. It’s best to be familiar with these applications especially if you want to stay sharp in the industry.

Good design, high usability and proper UX are the subsidiary skills that you need to create dazzling ecommerce stores.

Data Analytics

Even before the internet revolution, data analysts have been an integral part of every company’s growth. With the help of technology, this skill has evolved from just data science to an IT skill. This involves logical reasoning, basic math, and data extraction to create reports for different purposes. 

Traditionally, businesses would rely on Excel and Powerpoint to create reports. Nowadays, there are applications and systems such as Oracle, SAP, and Tableau to help businesses understand big data.

Companies today need these skill sets more than ever. Tech startups rely on top notch talent that can take an idea and create a solution in line with a concept. Because of this trend, businesses are moving online and are looking for people who can take their brick and mortar stores to the digital world.

Why are IT skills necessary to have in today’s job market?

If you want to have an office job today, having IT skills is a must. Most office work these days are done on computers or even on mobile phones. 

Technical improvements in different areas have also had a lasting impact on the way we work, play and live. Learning these skills would make applying for an IT job easier for you. Job agencies in Los Angeles would find it easy to match you with any company with an arsenal of IT skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you list tech skills on a resume?

The way you format your resume is important since most hiring managers will only skim through the files you submit. If you are applying for a technical job like a software engineering role, then you should list your technical skills at the top.

Google’s XYZ resume format gives recruiters a clearer picture of how refined your skills are. This format also shows how you’ve used your skills for an intended goal. Indicate your accomplishment (X) which can be measured or compared with data (Y) by using your skills (Z). Note that it’s best to highlight your skills so recruiters can easily capture your message.

A skilled professional will have much more experience and can give you pointers on which technical skills you should really emphasize on your resume. These tweaks will help your resume catch the attention of hiring managers and increase your chances of getting a call for an interview.

What Skills will be in-demand for 2022?

With the rapid rise of Virtual Reality’s popularity, demands for jobs such as UX designers and Web developers are expected to skyrocket by next year and it’ll continue to go up through the years.

Blockchain programming will also be a new sector to look into as the NFT trend paves the way for jobs specializing with the said skill. Lastly, Data and IT Security skills will be consistently growing with the industry as it’s an integral part of all web-based businesses.

What do tech recruiters look for in a resume?

With the massive number of papers that need to be looked into, recruiters would initially skim resumes for readability and clarity. The information that recruiters are really looking for are education, work experience, and IT skills. 

How can you improve your tech skills?

Improving or learning tech skills is going to take time and some serious commitment. But by improving your  basic IT skills to a more technical skillset, you essentially streamline the effort it takes to find a job in tech. .

  • Learning how to use search engines is essential these days. Google and other search engines organizations are your best friends when it comes to improving your IT skills. Watch out for the periodical updates from these companies as they provide you with the latest information to be one step ahead of the game.
  • Enrolling in a course, preferably with a certification up for grabs, is a goal driven approach to improve any tech skill. Platforms like Edx, Udemy and Coursera are well respected and will give you a proper challenge to develop your skills.
  • Learn how to apply your skills to real world problems. If you know how to code, then you should move towards working on a real world project as soon as possible. Even a simple problem out of class has a number of caveats and problems that need to be resolved and ultimately help you improve your skills.
  • Interact with people who have the skillset you desire. Technical communities and groups are easy to find online. Joining and interacting with people in the industry, will get you a lot of valuable insights that will help you make better decisions career wise. Try joining a forum in google or reddit to find the best practices from the experts.
  • Teach other people the tech skills you’ve learned. Once you have mastered a new skill, you should teach it to other people. The way people approach a problem and present their own version of a solution will help you think differently and as a result improve your cognition and skill set.

To really enhance your learning, consider applying to an  internship. This shouldn’t take too long if you have the right guidance and are able to showcase what you have to offer to employers.

Basic IT Skills You can Learn Today

Data Entry

While it’s a skill that’s becoming less desirable these days, data entry is still essential. This skill is mostly related to proofreading, logic, and reporting. Although the name specifically indicates data entry, the skill is often used in creating periodical reports which means you must also have knowledge with applications such as Powerpoint, Slides, and SQL aside from Excel.

Even people with limited IT expertise can learn data entry fairly quickly and apply to relevant positions in the job market.

Creating and Maintaining Spreadsheets

Having knowledge with the formulae and commands in excel makes organizing huge amounts of data a piece of cake. Simple data entry and drag and drops are basic knowledge anyone with a computer can learn. This IT skill involves more logic than math, so even people with math anxiety can learn this in no time.

Using Search Engines

The internet has arguably become the backbone of modern society. Mastering the use of  search engines is a valuable IT skill that gives your business a competitive advantage. This involves using special characters in searches to acquire richer results. Knowledge in plug-ins and other search engine features makes this skill more competent.

Aside from research, search engines have also been used in competitive marketing and as a branding metric. This IT skill is integral in putting a business in the forefront of innovation

Now that you’ve got all the skills ready, you’re ready to land your next job. Talk to a hiring expert today

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