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The software landscape keeps changing every few years or so. And with so many tech roles popping up, it can be hard to know who to hire. 

As an digital business, you need to stay relevant. Hiring the right tech people will put you ahead of your competitors. So let’s look at the top software jobs in the current market that will help propel your business forward.

1. Mobile Application Developer

Software jobs such as mobile app developers are responsible for app and software development for operating systems like Android or iOS. Maintaining an online presence is critical if you’re running a business. These days, we can’t rely on websites to stay trending in the current tech scene. This is why it’s important to join mobile app spaces. Let’s look at more reasons you should hire a mobile app developer. 

Key reasons to hire a mobile app developer:

  • To reach new customers Research suggests people spend almost 90% of their time on apps rather than websites. So if you want to attract customers who use phones more often, you need a mobile app developer. 
  • To improve customer engagement – Since more people use apps than websites, customer engagement will improve drastically, especially if it’s well-designed.
  • To increase sales – An app may help increase sales conversions because consumers now have the convenience to  instantly access information on your product or service.
  • Marketing – With the help of push notifications on apps, you can stay in touch with customers as well as run marketing campaigns.

Ideal skills to look for in a mobile app dev candidate:

  • A degree in computer science 
  • Experience in mobile app development
  • Programming skills like C#, Java, HTML, and CSS
  • Cross-platform app development

2. Full-Stack Developer

A full-stack developer is someone who works on both the front and back end of a web application. Front-end work involves the visual appearance and feel of the website, whereas the back-end work involves the site’s administrative logic and infrastructure. A full stack developer is one of the best IT software jobs that every company needs.

Key reasons to hire a full stack developer:

  • They handle everything about the web product – A full-stack developer handles your web application from conception to launch. Their services also extend beyond basic web development to include system maintenance and optimization.
  • Wide range of experience – They have extensive technical knowledge and can work on a wide range of projects. You can relax and pass full project ownership to a full-stack developer – they will take full responsibility for it.
  • Great problem solvers – They have a comprehensive understanding of each stage in the development lifecycle, enabling them to identify the source of any problems and create long-term fixes.

Ideal skills to look for in a full-stack developer:

  • Front-end Technology
  • Server-side programming languages like Ruby, Java, Python, .Net
  • Database Management Systems Knowledge
  • Design knowledge like UX/UI

3. Cloud Engineer

A cloud engineer is someone who can design, build and maintain cloud-based software systems. Unlike other software jobs, cloud engineers also make sure a company’s cloud management system is secure and backs up data regularly which makes the job crucial to real-time operations.

Key reasons to hire a cloud engineer:

  • If you’re looking to take your business to the cloud – Looking to deploy cloud-based services? Then hiring an in-house cloud computing specialist is a must.
  • Future proof your business – Whether you want to future-proof your company or prepare for whatever comes in this new era of remote work, filling in software job vacancies in your company  will be of value to you. Cloud computing is one of the best solutions for remote working and they also help keep your data safe and sound. Additionally, cloud based software boosts collaboration between your workers, in turn boosting productivity. 
  • If your company works in big data – If your company works with big data or if you have a digital-first company that can be affected during downtime, then cloud-based solutions are necessary. Cloud-based technologies are also less susceptible to cyber assaults.

Ideal skills to look for in a cloud engineer:

  • A degree in computer science
  • Experience with cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform
  • Experience with  Bootcamp/open-source tech, DevOps, and software development

4. Data Scientist

A data scientist can handle and study data to solve commercial issues. Math, business analysis, and computer science are required talents. Software jobs such as this can spot patterns in data trends and use  them to generate practical outcomes for your business.

Key reasons to hire a data scientist: 

  • To understand your customers – You should know your clients/consumers well for two reasons: a)  to understand their wants and needs, b) to create products, campaigns, and advertisements using this understanding. The process of knowing your consumers begins with analyzing their behavior and interests in relation to your company.
  • Helps in decision-making – Data scientists develop real-time data analysis tools that allow business managers to be more agile and make quick decisions. This can be done through dashboards and data projections. 
  • Foresee the future – Data scientists are skilled researchers for your company. They use machine learning and artificial intelligence on the company’s data to conduct accurate forecasts. 

Ideal skills to look for in a data scientist:

  • Machine Learning and AI knowledge
  • Python
  • Data Visualization
  • SQL Databases
  • Programming Knowledge

5. Software Developer

Software jobs are the brainchildren behind computer programs. If your business needs specialized software, then you must hire a software developer. Almost every job, sector, and government agency has one. 

Key reasons to hire a software developer: 

  • Application development and maintenance – Hiring a software developer is a must if your company requires software to be developed, debugged, and maintained.
  • Offer superior products and services – You can create effective products and services with the help of developers. They can design these products to be easy to use, install, upgrade, maintain and replace. Such products are valuable to customers. 
  • Improve efficiency in business operations – Software developers can also improve efficiency in other areas of your business. They can suggest better ways to automate existing business tasks and processes – leading to faster turnaround time for customers, improved productivity for your employees, and increased profits for your company.
  • Achieve greater success in the market – With their expertise, expert software developers can develop a software application that helps you stand out from the competition and make a name for your business.

Ideal skills to look for in a software developer:

  • Coding and Computer Programming
  • Object-Oriented Design
  • Software development
  • Problem Solving ability

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Find Tech People?

There are many ways to find great tech people. You can find the right person through sites like GitHub, Unicorn Hunt, Stack Overflow, and AngelList. Other ways include looking for talent in universities, scouting them through your network, and perusing technical forums. 

How Do I Determine If My Tech Hire is Good?

To determine the quality of your tech hire, conduct technical assessment through software like HackerRank, CodinGame, and Codility. These give you the ability to make the right hires by testing their coding skills.  

How Do I Hire A Cheap Software Developer?

To hire a cheap software developer, you should look into freelance sites like Upwork and Here you can find highly skilled professionals at a fraction of the price. Just make sure you check the reviews on the person’s profile before you hire them – it will give you a good idea if they can get the job done. 


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