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The talent bank of Los Angeles is filled with opportunities especially in the IT field. It boasts a plethora of individuals well-equipped with skills that can shape the future of the industry. It’s a non-negotiable essential for innovative, forward-thinking companies to invest into hiring the best employees to streamline and optimize their business-as-usual operations.

One major problem we see with the current industry environment is that there is a lack of sustainability for technical hires. 

This can be attributed to different factors but for most, it’s because of an issue with the job fit. 

Here at Eleven Recruiting, we specialize in finding the best fit, for the best role, through our tested and proven selection and placement system.

Eleven Recruiting’s IT Talent Bank

We are not just your regular recruitment agency, we take into consideration what companies really need that would benefit them sustainably and in the long term. Our IT recruiters are people-oriented, subject matter experts who have an eye for matching quality candidates with unique business needs. 

In a nutshell, we bridge hiring gaps between companies and talented IT professionals. Our talent bank is filled with diverse experts that are competently trained for technical jobs. So when a company goes to us for rock star talent, we cover due diligence to find the best match for their specific business needs.

Our recruitment system is composed of AI balanced with genuine relationships and human interaction with the purpose of really getting to know who these people are and how they can fit organizational needs. We source great talent and align their goals, both professional and cultural, to training and workshops that develop their skills as individuals. 

IT companies, CTOs , and Technical Managers look for effective hires that deliver results. We don’t just ensure that hires fit the job orders, we make sure that all the aspects of an employee would fit the uniqueness of the company.

IT Jobs Salary 2021

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is needed for an IT job?

IT Jobs require constant adoption of new technologies, in-depth knowledge of computers, systems, and how they operate. Soft skills such as the creativity, accuracy and the ability to focus, are non-negotiable assets to do well in an IT job. Here in Eleven Recruiting, we understand foundational needs but have a standard of excellence to go beyond just cataloging candidates. We create relationships within our IT talent bank and ensure they are skilled in management, innovation, and critical thinking that are enhanced through our training and workshops.

How do I find an IT professional?

Aside from internally hiring, companies often simply post job ads. This is a common practice that gives the company tons of applicants. At Eleven Recruiting, we do this strategically. We initially search our talent bank for the perfect fit before we look for talent outside. This saves time and effort for the company to skim through all those applications.

How do I find good technical talent?

Top tech talents often look for growth and an established company to work for. The perks and benefits will always be there so they’re looking for more. A good factor that would make a technical talent attracted to your company is both job fit and career growth.

What Makes Eleven Recruiting Different?

In summary – we are not just your regular IT Recruiting company. We thoroughly see into the needs of companies and match them with all the goals of a great technical hire. We do this through our 33 step process to ensure a sustainable fit. This process has resulted in 90% acceptance of job offers and 100% of client retention. 

Our automated systems efficiently enhance the recruiting process to create effective results. It matches the skill sets and goals of an IT professional to the needs and environment of a company. This seamlessly creates sustainability.

LA is a bustling city filled with remarkable talent. Let us connect you to the best IT professionals that fit with your company culture and goals.

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