Senior Network Administrator


February 14th, 2022 – Eleven Recruiting and Consulting Services, LLC has placed a candidate as Senior Network Administrator at a global law firm in Los Angeles, California. 

Michael Chiang, CEO of Eleven Recruiting led the assignment alongside Josue Louis, Lead Technical Recruiter, and Sarah Wilson, Search Consultant. The candidate has an effective balance between technical sophistication and interfacing with clients and vendors.

Candidate Background and Placement

The candidate for this position has 30 years of experience in proffering forward-thinking solutions through hardware, software, and other technical proficiencies. They are also skilled in analyzing business needs, proposing product recommendations, providing resources for development and testing, and overseeing successful implementation.

They designed and administered a 55 branch-wide network monitoring system; implemented data security standards for all network servers and standalone PCs. They also supervised and implemented 3 new IT data centers and 1.5 million network NOC centers.

They have served in various leadership roles in top technical teams, such as Mizuho Corporate Bank of California and Fidelity Federal Bank. They joined the company after serving in Fidelity Federal Bank in 1996.

Law Firm Organizational Needs

The LA-based law firm is a global company that predominantly represents clients in finance, M&A, private equity, and litigation. The firm specializes in white collar and government disputes, energy, infrastructure, and intellectual property. 

Organizationally, The LA-based law firm was looking for a candidate who would support the daily firmwide network, and system operations, and provide second-level support across the board as needed. 

The key skills to fill out the role by this law firm were: firmwide network, server monitoring, and support, and administrative operation skills related to the management of all data centers, infrastructure systems, and back office applications.

The firm was ranked among the most successful firms in the U.S by the American Lawyer’s A-List – 11 years in a row. This client-centered firm helps find new ways to drive innovation, create value, and manage risk. 

Recruiting Services

Interested in ramping up your IT department at your law firm?  Our Client Services page offers more information about Eleven Recruiting’s candidate search services.

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