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Looking for a new job starts as an exciting quest. Your Job search plan may soon become daunting as you continue receiving regret emails. The feelings of frustration become even worse if you get invited for an interview but get ghosted later. Staying positive and motivated during a job search is paramount during these post-covid times.

This article discusses different ways to help you remain motivated during your job search.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best job searching strategies?

The best job search plan includes customizing your resume according to each job description, networking, attending job fairs, and regularly sending out applications. The job market has changed with the current economic crisis post-Covid-19. These strategies will give you a competitive advantage over other applicants.

How do you apply for a job while still employed?

Applying for a job while being employed can be challenging. With tact, you can still manage to land another job. The best way to do this is to apply during your off work hours since it’s professionally unethical to ‘steal’ your current employer’s time.

Secondly, when invited for interviews, ensure to schedule them when you’re off work. Most importantly, don’t use office devices for your job search plan— you might get in trouble.

Is it okay to job search while still employed?

Searching for a job while employed is perfectly okay. There are many reasons why you might want to shift from your current employment. It could be that the company’s goals don’t match yours, or you want a better-paying job. Understandably, with the present economic situation, anyone would want a job that pays enough to meet basic needs.

Set Realistic Goals

Setting unrealistic goals is akin to chewing more than you can swallow. Setting realistic goals will help you avoid frustrations. Instead of having broad goals, narrow them down into specific goals. 

For instance, saying I’ll network with my connections on LinkedIn is a general goal. Instead, set a goal to network with, say, five people daily. The amount is not too big a mountain to climb and can be realistically achieved in a day. 

Reasons for Job Hunting

The best way to remain optimistic about your job search plan is to understand why you need a job in the first place. Good reasons include wanting a better-paying job, a more flexible one, or one that’s more challenging.

One of the reasons why job hunters tend to give up on their quest is losing sight of why they started searching for a job. When things get tough, looking at the bigger picture and looking back at your job search plan helps you keep pushing.

Get Busy

If nothing seems to bear fruits with your job search plan, you may wallow into self-destructive thoughts. Volunteering is one of the things you can do to distract yourself while at the same time building on your resume. When volunteering, you’ll also most likely meet people you share interests which can be a basis to help you build a network.

Ask Someone to Critique your Resume

Most job seekers will miss great opportunities because of simple errors in their resumes. Finding a mentor in your field to critique your resume can help you identify mistakes. Mentors can walk you through the journey to motivate and encourage you on your job search plan.

Surround Yourself with Positive People

Searching for a job is draining, and you cannot afford to hang around people with negative energy. You want to ensure that the people surrounding you encourage and motivate you to become the best. Hanging out with people who ooze pessimism will likely make you give up on your Job search plan. Negative people will make you start second-guessing why you are even job hunting in the first place.

Don’t be Hard on Yourself

When faced with failure, most of us will embark on self-blame. It’s essential to understand that things must not go our way. It’s also okay to fail and rise again. If we embrace failure as a stepping stone, we’d achieve our set goals.

One tip that’ll always work when all seems gloomy is being your own motivation. Cheer on yourself and tell your inner self that better days will come with persistence. 

Listen to your Best Motivational Speakers

There are those role models in your industry that have a promising career, good pay, and connections. These are the people you should follow on social media. If your role models have TedTalks, make a point to watch them to learn a thing or two.

Remind Yourself why you are Great

When faced with the frustrations of getting ghosted by employers, it’s common for people to doubt their self-worth. Taking time to remind yourself of past achievements can remind you that you are capable of great things.

One great tip to help with self-affirmation is creating a journal to document your past achievements.

Take a Break

The more you obsess about landing your dream job, the more frustrating it becomes if it doesn’t seem forthcoming. It’s okay to take a break and think about other important things like friends, family, or hobbies. You can come back later and start off where you left. You will have cleared your mind and possibly have better insights on how to approach them.

Job hunting can be frustrating, even for seasoned applicants. The above tips can help you remain motivated. Remember, you’re not the only one without a job. Many are on the same path and employers will continue to look for people with your skills.

Want more tips on staying motivated to land your dream job? Visit our candidate services page to learn more!

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