Benefits of Tech Internships


So, you’ve just completed your diploma or degree in tech but now you’re faced with another problem. Should I take on Tech Internships?

These days, the competitive nature of the IT industry makes internships a must-have. Companies want to hire employees who already have the necessary skills and experience.

Here are some of the benefits of internships in the tech industry.

Why apply for Tech Internships?

Tech internships are short period of work experiences offered by tech companies so applicants can gain practical exposure in the field of study. Applicants usually take internships either as part-time evening jobs or full-time day jobs.

Benefits of Tech Internships

It’s easy to land internship positions in the tech industry because employers working on a tight budget usually prefer interns over full-time employees. Always make sure you have your CV and cover letter ready. This way, you’ll always be prepared to send in your application whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Some companies advertise for tech internships  while others don’t. Once you identify a company you want to work with, you can apply to the careers section. Some companies have open applications where hopefuls can apply for their preferred positions at any time.

Paid and Unpaid Internships

Notably, there are two types of internships in Los Angeles – paid and unpaid.

Paid internships offer a fixed stipend to interns. The pay is often lower than that of full-time employees. Companies treat paid interns as entry-level employees and expect them to meet set targets.

Unpaid internship opportunities give applicants hands-on work experience, but they don’t get paid. These jobs have less strict measures regarding time schedules and performance. Unpaid interns shadow the experienced staff to gain real work experience.

When you include your internship experience on the resume, an employer will rarely ask whether it was paid or not.


How can I get an IT internship?

You can land  ideal tech internships by regularly sending your resume to target companies. You can search for companies offering IT internship opportunities via social media, job boards like Indeed, or cold emailing. As outdated as it sounds, attending job fairs and scheduling one-on-one meetings with employers can also work in your favor. Finally, don’t ignore the power of networking. Let your close friends and relatives know that you’re searching for an internship in Los Angeles.

What do you usually do during an internship?

During tech internships, you get to work on real projects as you learn from the experienced staff. You also understand how to work with others to achieve a common goal. Most importantly, you create a network of people within your field. These networks may help you land a permanent job in the future.

What do information technology interns do?

Tech interns help with web and application development, bug inspection and removal, software troubleshooting, software updates, and other assigned tasks. Companies vary, and in some, you will also help solve tech issues faced by other employees.

Benefits of Tech Internships

Internships are important for applicants and businesses alike. Businesses can get work done at a lower budget. They can also better evaluate employees they would want to offer permanent positions. Here are some of the benefits you get from tech internships.

  • Gaining hands-on experience: So, you have your head all filled up with Python, JavaScript, C++, and other coding knowledge. Interning is the best way to put your knowledge to practical use. As an intern, you get to develop software, create updates, solve bugs, troubleshoot, and so much more.
  • Perfect opportunity to network: As you practice what you’ve learned in school, you will also meet amazing people in the tech industry. You will network with these same people when looking for a full-time position. Establishing a good work relationship with them will ensure they remember you when opportunities arise.
  • Internships pave the way for better opportunities: Working as an intern gives you a competitive edge against your peers. When you attend interviews, you can negotiate better pay because you already have relevant experience in the industry.
  • Boosts your confidence: Tech internships can give you more confidence when seeking permanent positions. It gives you the chance to understand what happens in an actual IT industry setup and what to expect. 
  • Internships help you decide about a career change: Working on a real job will help you determine whether working in tech is something you want to do in the long term. Working before landing a full-time position makes you understand the work culture and day-to-day activities in a tech job. After the internship, you can decide whether you want to change careers or not.
  • Increases your chances of landing full-time employment: Tech internships can last anywhere between 3-12 months, depending on the company and your availability. Most companies have a strict internship program of a maximum of 12 weeks. However, other companies advertise for internship opportunities to help them identify the best people for permanent positions.

Most employees are either on their best behavior during an interview or are nervous— there is no in between. Observing an intern for several weeks can help the hiring manager observe how well they perform. It is also the perfect chance for an employer to evaluate how the interns blend in with other workers. The best candidates are offered permanent jobs after the internship period.

Wrap Up

If you’ve just completed your studies, don’t shy away from seeking an internship. The Tech industry is competitive, and employers want to hire the best. Acquiring hands-on experience from tech internships can set you apart from other applicants when seeking a permanent job.

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