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Do you want to relocate to the Golden State but are just not quite sure which industries drive its economy? Well, fun fact: you can work in almost any industry in California. The state is known to have an even better economy than countries like Canada, Mexico, and South Korea! 

Even though the state had a downward hit during the economic recession, it has picked up well over the years. Businesses within the area thrive and offer employment to residents and immigrants alike.

Here, we will discuss the top industries to look out for in California.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does California export tech products?

California’s biggest export is computers and electronic products. In 2018 alone, the Tech industry in California has exported goods worth $45.2 billion. Some of the leading companies in California’s tech industry include Apple, Google, and Facebook.

Is California a tech hub? 

Yes, the tech industry in California is one of the world’s most revered, especially Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley has good policies and laws that support tech companies and startups. 

What are the Fastest Growing Industries in California?

Although tech companies vary in big cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco, these are generally the top industries to look out for in California.

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Information and Technology

The tech industry in California is massive, attributed to the many tech giants that have set camp in the state. Most tech companies are located in Silicon Valley, a South Francisco Bay Area region. Here you’ll find companies such as HP, Google, Apple, Adobe, Intel, and Facebook.

If you’re seeking a job in tech, California is one of the best states in the US to land a job in the field.

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The state has good weather, sufficient water, and fertile lands that promote agriculture. Agriculture is a thriving industry that drives California’s economy through vegetables, nuts, fruits, rice growth, and animal farming. These are then consumed locally or exported to other countries.

As the state increases its capacity to produce food products, so does the need to hire people to work on the farms and factories. Agriculture offers many tech jobs for soil engineers. Additionally, as technology advances, farms traverse towards automating most of their operations, which requires the help of software developers.

Film and Theater

When you think of film production, Hollywood comes to mind. Hollywood is a district located in the Los Angeles area and is known for TCL Chinese Theater, Paramount Pictures, and Dolby Theater. Film production employs many people and will continue to thrive because we are in the Netflix era.

There is a need for IT services in the entertainment industry. That said, the tech industry is essential to produce the high-quality movies we see onscreen. Technology is also important for the distribution of these movies and music worldwide. 


As the state grows, you can expect massive construction projects. The more businesses flourish, the higher the need for manufacturing plants and offices. The area is also prime for real estate construction evidenced by the many commercial real estate properties marketed in the state.

California also has a booming real estate market because of job availability and good weather that attracts the wealthy retired population.

In the future, the tech industry will be more involved in construction through the use of data collection apps, drones to monitor sites, and usage of Building Information Modeling software. 


California attracts a wealthy retired population, and with old age, healthcare is a major requirement.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the healthcare industry within California employs more than 1.5 million health workers. This is more than 7 percent of California’s labor force. Some of the best healthcare facilities to work for in the state include the UCLA Health System and the Sharp Memorial Hospital.

As an IT graduate, you can work in the health industry and help develop wearables, apps, and software. You can also offer support services to health workers by troubleshooting and fixing their devices. 


California is the largest manufacturing state hosting about 25,000 manufacturing companies. These companies employ more than one million people as industrial workers. Most of these companies are located in Los Angeles county. Santa Clara, San Diego, and Orange Counties.

Some of the notable manufacturers in California include Boeing Co., Tesla Motors, Northrop Grumman Aerospace International, and General Atomics Aeronautical Systems.

Technology is an integral part of manufacturing. Factories need to incorporate technology to automate processes and to make the factories safe for workers. Software developers and machine operators are two popular jobs in the tech industry that’s involved in manufacturing.

Banking and Finance

The economy of California has grown since the economic recession of 2008. This has increased the need for the banking and finance sector, which has witnessed tremendous growth in the last five years between 2017 and 2022.

With an increase in mobile banking and finance, the tech industry has seen a high demand for software and app developers. You’ll also find many data security jobs because banks are always seeking ways to protect their customer data from phishing and other types of fraud. 

Some of the best banking institutions in the state include Wells Fargo, Ally Bank, Bank of the West, and CIT Bank.

Wrap up

California has a thriving economy that might grow even further in the coming years. Top industries supporting the state’s economy include agriculture, manufacturing, banking and finance, film production, construction, and technology. If you’re looking for a job in California and you have a background in the tech industry, these are the best sectors to watch out for.

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